Best Airbnbs for your Stay in Bangkok, Thailand

By Hooria Tahir | 06, Jun, 2022
Best Airbnbs for your Stay in Bangkok, Thailand

Are you planning to take a trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world? Finding the right place to enjoy your trip is key to having the most fun. Luckily for you, we have listed some of the most beautiful and unique Airbnbs in Bangkok that will leave you in awe. 

Think of it, why shouldn't you be waking up to the poolside or having access to a balcony to gaze at the night stars? - Sounds like quite the ideal vacation to us.

Thailand is home to one of the most stunning capitals in the world. Bangkok is the city where people come to relax and experience the true essence of a vacation. 

The city itself has become known as one of the busiest out there, but this adds to the entire Bangkok experience full of people, markets, and breathtaking beaches. 

The people in Bangkok are also some of the most hospitable and friendly hosts out there. They want you to relax while you’re there with nothing to ruin your trip. 

the night view and night market of bangkok

Image Credit: Florian Wehde on Unsplash


Quick facts about Bangkok 

  1. Did you know that Bangkok is the universal name of the city, but in Thai, its traditional name is much longer? The actual name of this magnificent capital is “Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Yuthaya….” - Pretty long, yes?
  2. Bangkok is not only the capital city of Thailand but also its current most populated city. The city is home to at least eight million people, more than half of Thai locals. 
  3. Bangkok is known to hold the record for the hottest city in the world. And while it is one of the hottest cities, it is also the summer all year.
  4. Although football is hugely popular in the country of the Thai, their national sport is Muay Thai (Thai boxing).

an aerial photography of bangkok

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Top Airbnb's in Bangkok, Thailand

1. Comfy Airbnb near Nana/Asoke BTS

Price: $39 

Sleeps: 2 people 

You will be only five minutes away from Nana/Asoke BTS if you stay at this Airbnb. It offers space for two people. It makes for the perfect couples getaway in Bangkok, Thailand. The Airbnb also features access to a pool right inside the apartment complex. 

The host is super friendly and accommodating and will allow you to have a great time in the city. 

You will have access to:

  1. Kitchen 
  2. Pool
  3. Wifi
  4. TV
  5. Washing Machine

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2. Fahsai Homestay Wooden Thai Style

Fahsai Homestay Wooden Thai Style

Image Credit: Airbnb

Price: $29 

Sleeps: 2-4 people

Are you for something a bit more Thai? Take a look at this wooden Thai-style Airbnb that offers the most romantic and cozy vacation environment. 

If you are planning a honeymoon, this is the perfect spot. Not only is the home cozy, but you will get to experience authentic Thai architecture inside the home. 

It also offers complimentary breakfast, and the host is super friendly. If you’re on a budget but would still prefer residing in a semi luxurious yet practical home, this is the Airbnb to choose. 

You will have access to:

  1. Free parking on premises 
  2. Wifi 
  3. Dedicated workspace 
  4. TV
  5. Private patio or balcony 
  6. Backyard 

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3. Luxury Thai house with pool in Sukumvit 24 Villa 3

Luxury Thai house with pool in Sukumvit 24 Villa 3

Image Credit: Airbnb

Price: $352 

Sleeps: 4-8 people

If you’re looking to go all out, try this Airbnb. Although it is a bit pricier, the luxurious vibes and authentic Thai aesthetics will make it all worthwhile. This Airbnb is more of a villa, so you’ll be getting an entire house. Plus, it comes with a pool of its own. 

It includes a total of three bedrooms. - So a big group of people can stay here at once. If you’re traveling with family, this is the perfect Airbnb for a staycation in Bangkok! 

You will have access to:

  1. Free parking on premises 
  2. Wifi 
  3. TV
  4. Hot Tub 
  5. Elevator 
  6. Private Pool
  7. Kitchen
  8. Washing Machine 

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