Best Buffet Hacks to Get Your Money's Worth

By Hooria Tahir | 01, Mar, 2023
Best Buffet Hacks to Get Your Money's Worth

The all-you-can-eat buffet is a monument to people's love of excess, variety, and value. These businesses, however, have a variety of strategies at their disposal when it comes to food options to keep the cost of consumers' consumption low and their profits high. 

After all, it is a company, and they want to make a few bucks while still making you believe you are getting a great price. Every expensive dish they provide is accompanied by a large number of inexpensive filler foods like rice, pasta, and bulk vegetables, all of which are intended to prevent you from diving too deeply into the more expensive platters. Our list of buffet hacks should help you figure out how to make the most out of your next one. 

1. Don't Starve Yourselfcheese platter

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There is some truth to going all day without eating will give you plenty of room to fill up at the buffet. But depriving yourself of food all day before going out to eat may not be the best idea. Matt "Megatoad" Stonie, the fourth-ranked competitive eater in the world, advises "not starving yourself" prior to going to the buffet because doing so can create stomach cramps before you've even finished your first plate.

Make sure your meals leading up to the buffet are light rather than going without food entirely. Good meal options that won't keep you full for hours on end include yogurt, cereals, and soups. To keep your stomach flexible throughout the day and prepared for the task at hand, drink plenty of water. Set a timer to go off frequently to remind you to take a sip, and keep a large bottle with you at all times.


2. Get active before the big feast 

Your appetite may occasionally be significantly impacted by physical activity. But being careful about the intensity and time of your workout if you're deliberately trying to increase your appetite is wise. Make sure you are relaxed and recovered from your strenuous workout for at least an hour before you head to the buffet if you want to feel hungry and ready to chow down when you get there. 


3. Quality over quantity beef platter

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If you're looking to get your money's worth out of this buffet, it is best to remember that quality over quantity goes a long way. Go and have a look around the buffet first and find your picks. But, it is ideal for indulging in the more pricer and well-cooked items during this eat fest because it is the most economical. You get to eat the really high-quality food off the menu at the same price as the everyday items. Load up on the more expensive meats like lamb and beef rather than your everyday chicken and chips.


4. Keep the drinks to a minimum 

Water, fizzy drinks, and milkshakes all sound good with food but can kill your vibe at a buffet. Drinks can quickly fill you up in no time, leaving you feeling satiated much quicker. So, your drink of choice should ideally be water to help keep things light, but don't drink too much of it during the feast either. 


5. Get smaller portions small dessert portions

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It would be a shame to fill your plate to the brim with food just to find that you don't like the way the restaurant prepared it. A buffet is not a competition. Instead, focus on eating "little and often" when at a buffet. Smaller plates allow you to sample more meals, but more significantly, they enable you to determine when you are delighted.


6. Enjoy it 

Last but not least, enjoy the buffet. A buffet is meant to be enjoyed, even though these suggestions should help you get your money's worth at once! Appreciate yourself if you genuinely enjoy the starchy chips at a buffet or your endless drink refills.

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