5 Best Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in India

By Saniya Baxi | 12, Jul, 2022
5 Best Halal Fine Dining Restaurants in India

India is the land of scrumptious food - each cuisine has its own uniqueness and taste. Many food enthusiasts from distant lands often wish to pay a visit to India and enjoy the delicious food offered in this country. 

However, being a Hindu majority, you may think that it’s hard to find Halal fine dining restaurants in India. Yet, there are several amazing Halal fine dining restaurants offering mouth-watering food in India. Read on to find the best ones!

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The Great Kabab Factory

the great kabab factory

Image Credit: The Great Kabab Factory

Address: Lobby Level Radisson Blu Plaza National Highway 8, Mahipalpur Village, New Delhi 110017 India

This famous restaurant was established in 1996. The specialty of Radisson Blu Plaza is their Biryani Mughlai North Indian Kebab. People travel miles to get a taste of these delicious kebabs. 

The food available in this restaurant is very healthy and delicious. The chefs ensure that proper sanitation is maintained. The restaurant opens from 7:00-11.00 pm. 

The restaurant's atmosphere is very soothing and peaceful. You should make sure that if you ever visit Delhi, you should keep it on your bucket list. 

Every local cuisine is available in this restaurant, and it also has an excellent barbecue. The food is healthy and vegetarian-friendly. 

People have often reviewed the restaurant with the best compliments ever as they state that the place has excellent food with outstanding service, which makes it unique. 


Viva - All Day Dining 

Address: Hospitality District Asset Area 12, Aerocity, New Delhi- 110037, India

This restaurant was established recently. This place is famous for dishes like Mutton Rogan, Buffet, Salads, Pita Pocket, Minestrone, and Desserts. 

The food quality is incredible, and any person who visits there is bound to visit again and again. They have a kind staff with great hospitality. 

The restaurant holds an excellent value among the most famous halal dining restaurants. It truly serves its purpose and is one of the best in the city. The restaurant’s specialty is the special stuffed paratha. 


Food Exchange

food exchange new delhi dish

Image Credit: Food Exchange on Tripadvisor

Address: Asset Number 2, Novotel, New Delhi, Delhi Aerocity, GMR Hospital District, New Delhi 110037, India

This restaurant was established many years ago. Their lunch buffet is their specialty and one must order it whenever they visit the place. The service is flawless and even better than the other restaurants in the city. The staff is very helpful and hospitable. 

The restaurant's value is very high in the market, and it serves a healthy environment wherein everything is calm and sound. 

This restaurant is deemed to be one of the most famous restaurants in India which serve Halal-certified food. Their specialty is chicken curry and their special lunch buffet. 


Kebabs and Kurries 

Address: No. 287, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Rd, Lalbaug, Everard Nagar, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra

If you’re looking for a royal dining experience while visiting Mumbai, don’t forget to add Kebabs and Kurries to the list!

This fine-dining restaurant has such an elegant ambiance, that goes well with its mouth-watering food. You can try out various dishes in this restaurant as they definitely won’t disappoint you! 

When it comes to hospitality, you can expect nothing but helpful and polite staff who’d be there to make your experience better.


Jewel of Nizam - The Minar

jewel of nizam the minar

Image Credit: The Golkonda Resorts & Spa

Address: The Golkonda Resort, Gandipet, Telangana 500075

Delicious and tender Indian food with a scenic view is sometimes all you need to have the perfect dining experience. 

Although a bit expensive, this restaurant is going to give you a surreal experience with its ornamental ambiance, a stunning city view, and delicious food. Additionally, the staff knows how to provide the right service to make your experience a memorable one. 

While you’re visiting this restaurant, don’t forget to try out their specialties like the Lamb biryani and Apricot pudding. 


Final Thoughts 

In India, there are a lot of restaurants that serve Halal-certified food. It’s impossible to cover all of them on this list! So, I have chosen the best ones. 

If you ever feel like sticking to your usual menu, most of the KFC restaurants and Burger King can be trusted. Also, chains like Burger King claim to serve meat that is 100% Halal-certified. 

You can also find out more about the Indian food culture on Halaltrip if you're planning to visit India!


Cover Image Credit: Hitesh Dewasi on Unsplash

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