Food Lovers Rejoice: 7 Best Halal Restaurants in Málaga

By Halal Trip | 09, Feb, 2023
Food Lovers Rejoice: 7 Best Halal Restaurants in Málaga

A complete trip is an experience - where the feeling and memory last forever in someone’s life, and one of the biggest factors in enhancing your whole trip is through food! Málaga is the perfect destination for you to get some of the best foods in Spain. With various cuisines and restaurant choices throughout the cities, you’ll never run out of options to fulfill your cravings. 

Tracing back to its roots, Málaga is also home to a strong Islamic heritage where its presence could be felt up until now. This means that Muslims should not worry about visiting Málaga as it is filled with Halal Restaurants to provide you with the Halal Foods you'll need. With delectable cuisines and Muslim-friendliness to give you the best experience during your visit, here are the 7 Best Halal Restaurants in Málaga!

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1. Pad Thai Woktom kha, pad thai wok

Image Credit: @padthaiwok on Instagram

As how the name speaks for itself, Pad Thai Wok is a Thai restaurant that specializes in iconic Thai foods such as Pad Thai (duh?), Thai curries, Tom Kha, and other authentic Thai dishes. They are also known for some of the fusion dishes that they offer such as Thai burgers and bowls, something that is interesting for you to try. If you’re currently on a specific diet, they also have salads and other gluten-free options to help you in satisfying your hunger. Make sure to enjoy these halal and delicious Thai cuisines by ordering through Glovo or JustEat delivery service, or by visiting one of the three locations in Málaga.


  • Calle Andromeda, 13, 29010
  • Avenida de los Guindos, 44, 29004
  • Calle Alfonso Ponce de Leon, 3-2

Opening Times:

  • Monday to Thursday, 12.00-4.00 PM & 8.00 PM-12.00 AM
  • Friday to Sunday, 12.00 PM-12.00 AM


2. Al-Yamal

If you’re craving Arabic cuisine in the city, then Al-Yamal restaurant is the right place to go. Located in the city center, Al-Yamal is the pioneer of Arabic restaurants while also offering some of the best Al-Andalus and Moroccan cuisines in Málaga. They are specializing in meat and fish dishes so make sure to try all of their selections. 

Location: Calle Blasco de Garay, 7, 29001

Opening Times:

  • Tuesday to Thursday, 12.00-4.15 PM & 7.00-11.15 PM 
  • Friday to Saturday,12.00-4.15 PM & 7.00-11.30 PM


3. Azafranbaklava, azafran

Image Credit: Azafran

Just a step away from Málaga Beach, there’s a tremendous Moroccan restaurant for visitors to try. As the owner originally comes from Morocco, Azafran is the perfect choice to enjoy a blend of both traditional and modern Moroccan dishes. Try some of their savory couscouses and end your dinner with a slice of sweet baklava. Combining great decoration and atmosphere with a strategic area, this restaurant is the best choice for you who’s searching for a complete dining experience.

Location: C. Fernando Camino, 22, 29016

Opening Times: Every day, 12.30-11.30 PM


4. Teteria Palacio Nazari

Strolling down the city center of Málaga, Teteria Palacio Nazari is perfect for a lunch break for a long day of exploration. Specializing in lunch services, the restaurant focuses on authentic Middle Eastern cuisine and some handmade sweets for desserts that are created by their artisan pastry chef. Enjoy your meal while admiring the Andalusian-style decoration in the atmospheric historical old town.

Location: C. San Agustín, 7, 29015 Málaga, Spain

Opening Times: Everyday, 10.00AM-02.00PM


5. El Tapeo del Sohoel tapeo del soho

Image Credit: El Tapeo del Soho

Located in the Soho District, El Tapeo del Soho serves some of the best Lebanese cuisines around the city. Located right by Port Málaga, you’ll be enjoying good food in a lovely place with a great ambiance. Some of the most recommended menus are chicken skewers, hummus, samosa, curry and basmati, baba ghanoush, and tapas. Perfect for a meal after a long day tour around the city for a late lunch or dinner. Just make sure to recheck their opening hours before your visit.

Location:  C. Tomás Heredia, 25, 29001

Opening Times:

  • Thursday to Saturday, 01.30-04.00 PM & 07.30-11.00 PM 
  • Sunday, 01.00-04.00 PM


6. The Great India Halal

Are you having the sudden urge for some Indian cuisine? The Great India Halal will be the right answer to satisfy your appetite. Bringing the best flavors of India to Spain, you can never get enough of the spices and the exotic taste that they offer. One of the items that you should definitely try during your visit is their Chicken Masala for its combination of unique spices and sauces.

Location:  Plaza de la Solidaridad, 9, 29002

Opening Times:

  • Thursday to Saturday, 01.30-04.00 PM & 07.30-11.00 PM 
  • Sunday, 01.00-04.00 PM


7. Marisqueria Moyamarisqueria moya

Image Credit: Marisqueria Moya

Málaga is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, and it's only acceptable for you to visit the city if you enjoy seafood during your trip. With 120 years and four generations of business under their belt, Marisqueria Moya is the best option for you for some of the freshest seafood where each of their ingredients is treated with respect. With a top-notch and wide variety of seafood to choose from, you’ll also be able to choose how you’ll like it with the vast menu selection. Be it for the shrimp or lemon anchovies, you’ll be able to feast on some of the best seafood with a great atmosphere.

Location:  Horacio Lengo Street, 20, 29006

Opening Times:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday, 01.00-05.00 PM
  • Thursday to Saturday, 01.00-05.00 PM & 08.30-11.00 PM 

Here are some of the halal restaurants you can find in Málaga according to the Halal Travel Guide. CrescentRating has made reasonable efforts to verify its halalness upon publication. However, it is recommended for visitors to do further verification before dining at these restaurants to ensure they meet your halal requirements.

For more information about Málaga, the Málaga Tourism Board in partnership with HalalTrip just released in-depth and detailed content about the city of Málaga as the first Muslim traveler-conscious guide in Spain. This halal travel guide is available for free to download on HalalTrip, so check it out!

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