Best Halal Restaurants in Terrebonne

By Babajide IJIYODE | 12, May, 2022
Best Halal Restaurants in Terrebonne

Finding restaurants that offer the best dishes when on vacation, tour, or on business trips is one of the important things to worry about. Aside from fulfilling your needs to eat, you would also want some cuisines that are halal and delicious to enjoy and make up your trip.

Terrebonne, being one of the world's most culturally varied cities, defies classification. While other cosmopolitan cities' restaurants have famous, instantly recognizable cuisines, Terrebonne manages to remain a changing target. Some would argue that its strong characteristic is the variety of cuisines.

The final line is that you have a lot of options, and this cuisine scene genuinely offers something for everyone. Continue reading for recommendations of the best Halal restaurants in Terrebonne.


Farhat Boucherie et Grillades

farhat boucherie et grillades

Image Credit: Yelp

Laval currently has Farhat charcoal grills and butcher store. The same wonderful cuisine from Cote des Neiges and Cote Vertu is now available at a fresh new location in Terrebonne.

The most popular sandwiches are kafta, soujouk, and lamb chops, and they're all delicious. There is also a fantastic assortment of salads and sides, making this a must-try for anybody who likes charcoal barbecues, such as entire chicken grills.

You may also get fresh meat to cook at home. For those who wish to prepare kafta or shish Taouk at home in the oven or on the barbecue, they offer fresh meat with and without seasonings.

There are additional desserts available.

All of the meat offered is Halal. This restaurant does not offer pork or alcohol.


Riaz Kabab

riaz kabab (afghan)

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Riaz Kabab is a contemporary Afghan restaurant that serves traditional Afghan meals with a modern twist. This restaurant fulfills customers' expectations with its welcoming ambiance and pleasant vibe. It specializes in a variety of kababs, including chicken, lamb, and beef. The menu has also been expanded to include shrimp and salmon. Each meal is produced with high-quality ingredients that are flash-frozen to keep them fresh. Riaz Kabab is an excellent choice for hectic weeknight dinners or weekend trips when meal preparation and cleanup are the last things on your mind.


Poulet Rouge (Chicken Restaurant)

poulet rouge chicken restaurant

Image Credit: Restaurant Guru

Poulet Rouge is located in 1185 Boulevard Moody, Terrebonne, Quebec J6W 3Z5, Canada. Love is in the air when it comes to this grilled chicken dish! Tender Canadian and halal chicken fillets cooked to order in four mouthwatering flavors based on family recipes are available at this restaurant. Personalized bowls built to your specifications! Topped with soft and flavorful grilled chicken, these bowls are customers' favorites. A delicious and nutritious food that's healthy for you and the environment at the same time. Want to have a taste of these mouthwatering dishes? Then dine at Poulet Rouge! The food served, the people who serve it, the people who consume it, and the planet that generates it are all things Poulet Rouge cares about deeply. "Have a good time!"


On Grill Restaurant

On Grill Restaurant

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At “On Grill”, you may find a variety of meat and chicken dishes that are roasted over a wood fire. They exclusively purchase meat and veggies from local producers that are of the highest quality. Before being served, all of our meats are freshly grilled on the spot in front of you.

Satisfying cravings is one of the exciting experiences people on tour or business trips look forward to and food is one of the best experiences to gain during a visit.

Listed above are some of the best halal restaurants in Terrebonne that offer some of the most amazing Halal dishes prepared in the best way possible. Make sure to try these restaurants and enjoy your stay in Terrebonne.

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