(UPDATE) Blue Jasmine : The only Halal Thai buffet you can eat 7 days a week

By Rozanne Amath | 03, Nov, 2017
(UPDATE) Blue Jasmine : The only Halal Thai buffet you can eat 7 days a week
**According to Blue Jasmine, they are no longer Halal Certified as of July 9, 2019. The restaurant is now 'strictly no pork, no lard'.
If you are on the hunt to locate Halal food near you, the Blue Jasmine is one of the top restaurants you will come across as you travel Singapore. As one of the most authentic Thai restaurants in Singapore, the Blue Jasmine has come up with yet another amazing treat for its patrons with their new Anchan Thai Buffet. The name Anchan coming from the Blue Jasmine or butterfly pea flower in the Thai language.
Starting from the 5th of October 2017, the Blue Jasmine will serve up an extensive buffet line-up for guests to enjoy the very best of Thai cuisine. So if you are on the lookout to enjoy a buffet featuring some of the most delicious Muslim-friendly food in Singapore, then the Anchan Thai buffet dinner is the right pick for you.

Inspiration for the Anchan Thai Buffet

Chef Bright Kan San together with his two Thai chefs, Ms Duangjaisantisuk Nipaporn and Ms Donnapa Phongraksa unite to create a tantalizing menu packed with many authentic Thai dishes and their very of signature dishes featured at their newly launched Halal dinner buffet. The Anchan Thai Buffet is inspired by the very essence of Thai cuisine with the traditional touches of Thai cooking style is also highlighted through some of the Esarn dishes that are featured on the menu. You can look forward to enjoying food inspired by the Southern and North Eastern culinary styles of Thailand. Staying true to Thai style cooking (often seen in delicious Thai street food), herbs and fragrant spices are also added in abundance, so be prepared to set your taste buds on overdrive with the burst of flavour that you will feel as you enjoy all these incredible dishes.

Highlights of the tantalizing menu lined up

For starters, you could try the traditional Thai style green mango salad or the variant yellow mango salad which is a great option for those who like a sweeter form together with some crispy Tom Yum Taro chips.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with their vibrant main course options featuring some signature creations of Chef Bright. These include Massman of Lamb from Australia, Esarn style roasted chicken and the traditional southern style yellow tiger prawn curry with betel leaves. Offering guests a more vibrant setting to enjoy their meal, there will be several live stations like the Thai noodle soup area.
You can also enjoy the showmanship put on at the Thai Tea station which demonstrates the art of Teh Tarik or tea pulling which is known to create a much better flavour. The buffet selection does not stop there and also feature the much-loved Durian desserts where fresh and creamy durian custard is served with blue jasmine sticky rice or black glutinous rice.

About Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine, one of the best authentic Thai restaurants in Singapore is located on the fifth floor of the iconic Park Hotel Farrer Park. Aside from the great food, the restaurant boasts a casual yet chic contemporary setting overlooking the beautiful pool deck that creates the perfect ambience to enjoy a wonderful meal.

Price - $42++ per person
Available hours for the Anchan Buffet Dinner: 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm
Contact - +65 6824 8851 or [email protected] – for reservations or inquiries

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