A Visit to Bomnal Cafe - Jeju Island's Ever-Popular Coffee Shop

By Halal Trip | 14, Dec, 2016
A Visit to Bomnal Cafe - Jeju Island's Ever-Popular Coffee Shop

If you're looking for the best coffee shop in Jeju Island, look no further and pay a visit to the famous Bomnal Café! This popular coffee shop in Jeju is best known for being the filming site for the Korean drama Warm and Cozy as well as for their amazing coffee and delicious cakes. Bomnal Café has also become one of the top attractions in Jeju Island and your Muslim-friendly holiday in Jeju will not be complete without dropping by.


Why Check Out Bomnal Café?

1. The Absolutely Gorgeous View
The best part is arguably the spectacular sea view from Bomnal cafe that you can enjoy, together with a great cup of coffee. The outdoor seating is an excellent place to just sit and relax or to complete a walk along the shores of Handam. Muslim visitors can also take part in kayaking where the water is so clear that you can see fish swimming by. Also get a glimpse of both Bonmal Cafe next to Monsant Café!

2. The Beautiful Surroundings
A visit during any season will reveal the fresh and serene environment around the café, but the surrounding is particularly beautiful during the spring and fall seasons where you can lounge and take in the amazingly fresh air. You can also catch a beautiful sunset almost every evening which will most definitely make a great photo. The café also has a comfortable atmosphere with quirky and simple décor. Do note that any customers will have to order at least one drink before entering the café.

3. The Hallyu Connection
Unsurprisingly, this is one of the main reasons why many choose to visit the cafe! Bomnal Cafe has been the filming site for the popular Korean drama Warm and Cozy - starring Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok. Popular K-pop star G-Dragon has also appeared at the cafe for the filming of the SBS variety show "Thank You". That said, the cafe caters to everyone, not just K-drama and K-pop fans!

4. Guesthouse Bomnal
Those who really enjoy the surroundings can also choose to stay at the Guesthouse Bomnal that offers a great budget-friendly option. The guesthouse only caters separate female/male dormitories even though there are no private rooms to be booked. However, a small room with 4 to 6 beds can be booked. You will have to make early reservations to avoid disappointment as the café is popular and can be crowded quite frequently.


Where to Find Halal Food in Jeju Island

Finding a good outdoor cafe in Jeju island is quite easy - simply taking a walk down the coastal area of Handam will easily help you find a cafe near Handam beach and restaurants too. However, there is only a small number Halal restaurants in Jeju Island so it is better to stick to vegetarian or seafood items on the menu. There are restaurants that serve Halal food in Jeju Island even though the outlet itself is not Halal certified.

Bomnal Café is not Halal certified - and alcohol is served at the café. However, there are vegetarian items on their menu such as sandwiches as well as delicious cakes to choose from - blueberry cake, cheesecake or sweet potato cake and muffins.

Bonmal is also known as the cafe next to Monsant Café. This will be of interest to K-pop fans as G-Dragon is said to be the owner of Monsant Café – but even non K-pop fans should visit this stylish café for its great food and coffee and minimalist decor. Monsant Café is not Halal certified either – but there are vegetarian items and delicious cake or desserts to choose from.

More information on Bomnal Cafe here!

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