Bread Garden Launches New Mooncake Collection for 2022

By Halal Trip | 15, Aug, 2022
Bread Garden Launches New Mooncake Collection for 2022

It's that time of year again when mooncakes take the spotlight. To celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival, Bread Garden is launching an incredible lineup of halal mooncakes for 2022. These handcrafted and methodically prepared mooncakes are made fresh, they're sure to tantalize your tastebuds.

A big plus is that the mooncakes from Bread Garden contain no preservatives and are low on sugar so you can enjoy them worry-free. Their signature Triple Layer Triple Yolk mooncake collection is always sold out yearly so be sure to grab them early, either online or at selected roadshows from 12 August 2022 to 10 September 2022!

There are many flavors to choose from in their lineup. From traditional mooncakes to snowskin mooncakes, there's something for everyone. Mix and match and choose four flavors to go in each box during your purchase, a great way to try out new flavors or make the box of mooncakes truly yours.

Get your halal mooncakes from Bread Garden here!

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Here are some highlights from this year's line-up from Bread Garden:


Golden Emerald
Golden Emerald Halal Mooncake Bread Garden

The all-time number 1 best seller from Bread Garden. It offers a pleasant contrast in flavors with the smooth lotus seed paste hidden inside the lovely pandan layer while the salted egg yolk delivers a savory punch to the bite. Personally our favorite from the bunch because of the rich taste and texture that it presents in each bite.

Price: SGD 21


Charcoal Golden Emerald

Somewhat similar to the Golden Emerald, the Charcoal Golden Emerald comes with a charcoal crust enveloping the beloved ingredients of the Golden Emerald.

Price: SGD 22


Golden Red Emerald

Another version of the Golden Emerald, the Golden Red Emerald substitutes the pandan and lotus for a rich green tea red bean mix. Enjoy the earthiness of the green tea and the sweetness of the red bean paste. 

Price: SGD 21


Macadamia Nuts - Baked Skin Mooncake

Delightfully crunchy with a nutty fragrance. This mooncake mixes the silky lotus seed paste with Australian macadamia and a copious amount of melon seeds. 

Price: SGD 19


Golden Royale
Golden Royale Halal Mooncake Bread Garden

This one's for those looking to try something extraordinary. The Golden Royale switches things up by swapping the lotus paste for custard! Go crazy with the exciting interplay of custard and salted egg yolk, all housed in the beautiful golden crust.

Price: SGD 21


Premium Lotus

Something for the purists, the Premium Lotus comes with lotus seed paste and a generous amount of melon seeds. Another one that might interest you is the Premium Lotus with Single Yolk version.

Price: SGD 13


Lychee Roselia
Lychee Roselia Snowskin Mooncake Bread Garden

Insta-worthy mooncakes exist! This pretty-in-pink mooncake not only looks good but also tastes good. The Lychee Roselia brings together the subtle sweetness of lychee with the floral notes of rose petals. It also is very light and refreshing to the taste.

Price: SGD 17


Mao Shan Wang
Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncake

The truly indulgent snowskin mooncake is stuffed with rich and creamy durian puree, made with Mao Shan Wang durian flesh. Each bite delivers a flavorful and aromatic punch of the beloved fruit. One not to be missed for the durian connoisseurs out there!

Price: SGD 28


Coco Lava Snow Skin
Coco Lava snowskin mooncake Bread Garden

Filled with Bread Garden's sensational Italian hazelnut lava core that is filled with crunchy bits of chocolate cookies. The lava is encased within a lime paste, providing a zesty aftertaste. 

Price: SGD 19


Yuzu Mango Snow Skin

Zesty and invigorating, this unique mooncake marries the tang of yuzu and the sweetness of mango. An interesting and fun take on mooncakes.

Price: SGD 17


Teowchew Yam
Teowchew Yam Mooncake Bread Garden

Going for something different but still want the classic traditional mooncake, then this one will hit the spot. The Teochew Yam comes with velvety yam paste with yam bits encased in a flaky spiral crust. Sweet yet savory treat.

Price: SGD 16

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