Catch the Men's Junior Hockey World Cup 2016 in Lucknow, India!

By Halal Trip | 09, Dec, 2016
Catch the Men's Junior Hockey World Cup 2016 in Lucknow, India!

Join other hockey enthusiasts around the world who will be traveling to the Men's Hockey Junior World Cup 2016 in India! With HalalTrip's Muslim Guide to Men's Hockey Junior World Cup 2016, you can now easily find out where Muslim-friendly facilities will be conveniently located near the venue. 


What is it?


The 11th edition of the event will be held in Lucknow, India, from December 8th to 18th 2016 at the Dhyan Chand Astroturf Stadium.  This will be the second time India is hosting the event. This international field hockey competition is held every four years and was first held in Versailles, France in 1979 (won by Pakistan with West Germany as the runner up). 


The Sixteen Teams

Sixteen teams will be competing against each other in fierce competition and have been divided into four pools: 

Pool A - Argentina, Austria, Australia, South Korea 
Pool B - Belgium, Egypt, Malaysia, Netherlands
Pool C - Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Spain
Pool D - Canada, England, India, South Africa

Why it Deserves Attention

Visiting Men's Hockey Junior World Cup 2016 will be an exciting event for any young hockey fan too as there are several up and coming young professional hockey players who are rising due to their excellent performances. 


Some young players who have been a part of the Rio Olympics 2016 are also competing in their respective teams, and former junior hockey players have risen to an international level too.


Those who are traveling to The Men's Hockey Junior World Cup should not miss watching the junior teams from Germany, Argentina and Canada in action.


Muslim-Friendly Facilities at Dhyan Chand Astroturf Stadium


Halal Food: When travelling to Men's Hockey Junior World Cup 2016, there are no major outlets serving Halal food at Dhyan Chand Astroturf Stadium. While refreshments might be available at the venue, it is better to select vegetarian items unless you are assured the food is Halal.  However, Muslim visitors can ask any of the locals to find Halal food in Lucknow or get more information from mosques. 


Since Lucknow has a significantly high Muslim population, there are numerous restaurants and eating outlets that are Muslim-owned as well as restaurants that follow Halal guidelines when it comes to food preparation. Visitors can ask the staff if meat dishes are Halal or select vegetarian or seafood items instead, but Halal food in Lucknow is not that hard to locate. 


Halal Restaurants: Some Halal restaurants in Lucknow near the venue include Saffron Restaurant, Al Baike, The Curry’s and The Secret Barn that are located 6km to 8km away. More restaurants include Kalika Hut, Tunday Kebabi and Dastarkhwan that are located at least 13 km away. 


Mosques: Mosques in Lucknow located close to the venue include Jama Masjid which is about 9 km away including the Teelay Wali Masjid and the Dariya Wali Masjid that are located about 12 km away too. While there are no prayer facilities at Dhyan Chand Astroturf Stadium more information can also be gathered from the locals or a mosque beforehand as there is a high Muslim population in Lucknow.


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