Cebu: A Thrill-Seeker's Paradise

By Halal Trip | 04, Apr, 2016
Cebu: A Thrill-Seeker's Paradise
Cebu is one of the oldest places in Philippines, with Cebu City being the first capital. This archipelago consists of 177 islands, including the main one, and is known to be a first income class island, which basically means it’s one of the richer areas of the Philippines. With so much history, Cebu does not bore you with tales of old. Instead, it is a treasure trove for adrenaline junkies who can find a vast array of activities to get their fix. In short, boy is it a thrill-seeker’s paradise! .

Cliff Jumping

Found along the coast, anywhere there is a cliff, cliff jumping is a popular sport in Cebu. Philippines is home to some of the top cliff diving destinations in the world, with some adding boards for extra measure, while other like to keep it natural. Make sure of the depth of the water before you take the leap! .


This extreme sport comprises of traversing canyons and - some for the sole purpose of, while others add extra thrill to their adventure by - plunging into rock pools below, off the canyon. Unlike cliff jumping which is more popular around the world as well, canyoning is fairly more novel and more exciting. There’s nothing like adding another element to an already existing adventure, ie: diving off the canyons you were admiring the view from! .

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing requires a bit of experience and training, because doing it outdoors is not the same as taking a chance in a controlled environment. If you really want to work those muscles and feel a great sense of accomplishment, rent the gear that is widely available, and get to climbing! .

Mountain Climbing

Unlike rock climbing, mountain climbing is not as dangerous or extreme as there are trails for beginners as well as average level ones. Immerse yourself in the wilderness as you make your way up to Cebu’s highest peak, Osmeña Peak, and appreciate the well-deserved view from above!  .

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Even though scuba diving is a little on the pricey side in Cebu, it is something you must experience if you haven’t done it before. See what life is like down under, and be a fish for a day. For those who do not wish to immerse themselves so deep, snorkelling is always an option! Closer to the surface, it is a safer option for those with fears of diving deep. .


If you’ve never heard of wakeboarding, Cebu is the place to try it out first hand. It is like surfing, skiing and snowboarding all rolled into one! This extreme sport gives you an extreme thrill, once you get the hang of it. Danasan Eco-Adventure Park in Danao City, approximately an hour away from Cebu City is a popular spot to wakeboard, and where you can also find other thrills to bide your time, like go-karting and horseback riding. .

Sky Diving

Which thrill-seeker does not have sky diving on their bucket list? Fairly new in Cebu, trained professionals are available to help you cross that off your list. Bantayan Island is the place to go if you’re seeking extreme thrills! .

Sky Walk and Edge Coaster

Conquer your fear of heights with this thriller! Strap into a roller coaster that goes around the edge of the Crown Regency Hotel, or strap on a harness and walk on translucent glass - all on the 38th floor, giving you a spectacular view of Cebu. .

Whale Shark Diving

Whale sharks are a part of the deadliest predatory marine family, yet the gentlest one of the lot, providing no danger in swimming alongside them. This is a step up from simple scuba diving with the fish, and adds a lot more value to your Instagram pictures! .

Snake Massage

Massages are supposed to be relaxing, right? Well this would be too if you forget about the fact that… it’s snakes that are massaging you! Cebu City Zoo offers it absolutely free for anyone brave enough to try it. Great care is taken to keep the snakes clean and well fed, to avoid any casualties. Out of everything on this list, this might be the one that raises your heart rate the most!   .

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