Community Heroes: Global Ehsan Relief

By Ridhwan Abu Bakar | 21, Nov, 2020
Community Heroes: Global Ehsan Relief

The Community Heroes series aims to celebrate and recognize everyday people going out of their own way to provide a helping hand to those in need. In this pandemic, there have been multiple instances of regular people, like you and me, stepping out of their way to help others that have been affected by the global pandemic.

Previously we visited the efforts of Tika and Shella from Food Sharing Indonesia. Although an established NGO (Non-Government Organization), Global Ehsan Relief Organisation is another example of an effort to help out the people around them, especially in the midst of the global pandemic.

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Global Ehsan Relief
Global Ehsan Relief

Image Credit: Global Ehsan Relief

Established in 2015, Global Ehsan Relief is a humanitarian aid relief agency that is registered as an NGO in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. Ultimately targeting to help out multiple beneficiaries including needy orphans, widows, destitute - all regardless of their race, religion, culture, or geographical boundaries.

Locally in Singapore, GER has also been helping out the less fortunate through their range of programs that are targeted to help out the different beneficiaries in the community. Unlike other NGOs, GER actually builds a relationship with the beneficiaries to really understand what they need in order to break out of the cycle so that the beneficiaries can have a sustainable future ahead. 

Especially since the outbreak of COVID-19, the underprivileged have been really affected. GER noticed the impact and they have been focusing their efforts on helping those severely impacted by the global pandemic. One great thing about their efforts is that GER will actually scopes and filters those who really really need help, the neediest ones.


Home Aid

We had the privilege to work with Global Ehsan Relief Singapore on one of their Home Aid projects. Home Aid is a project that aims to improve the standards of living for the beneficiaries by refurbishing and decluttering their homes with some new furniture and of course a fresh coat of paint. In other words, it was akin to a much-needed home makeover.

Being involved in Home Aid showed us how GER Singapore actually manages their programs; from finances and most importantly how they build their relationships with the beneficiary. Before actually getting the items needed for Home Aid, Ameer Eusoffe, the Event Manager at Global Ehsan Singapore, and his team actually visit the beneficiaries to understand their hardships. Allowing them to understand and determine what will benefit them the most. All the while updating us and the other volunteers on the situation.


Even though we were shown pictures and given an idea of the state of the home of the beneficiary that we would be helping for this HomeAid project, we were actually stunned to actually see the state the beneficiaries were living in, it was genuinely emotional for most of us. It was shocking to find people living like this more so in Singapore, a truly eye-opening moment.

Global Ehsan Relief Singapore HomeAid Project

Global Ehsan Group Singapore HomeAid Project Program


Emotionally charged and determined to help out the beneficiary, Global Ehsan Relief Singapore, and their volunteers, we worked on the house from top to bottom. Leaving no stone unturned, in hopes of making it easier for the beneficiary to live their lives day-in-day-out. Although it was a tiring affair, the gratitude and look on the faces of the beneficiary made all the tiring work worth it. 

Global Ehsan Relief Singapore HomeAid Project Program

Global Ehsan Group HomeAid Project Program

Although a small project as compared to their other programs, HomeAid actually showed us Global Ehsan Relief’s sincerity in helping those in need. Evident in their volunteers, who are everyday people who are taking some time off their daily schedules just to help out the beneficiaries and community.


Want to get involved?

Personally, we think that Global Ehsan Group is a great medium for people who are looking for ways to help the community or those in need seeing as to how they managed the particular HomeAid program which we worked closely with them. The way that they build relationships with their beneficiaries brings an air of assurance to everyone involved to know that they are addressing and helping those who are actually really really in need of help. Not only in just short-term but in the long run as well.

Follow them on their social media or go to their website to learn more about their programs and different projects, you could even pitch in by volunteering in one of their programs either locally or globally. Know that every little thing counts.

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