Iftar: The Daily Celebration of Ramadan

By Halal Trip | 04, Apr, 2023
Iftar: The Daily Celebration of Ramadan

Ramadan Eating Habits

Our research shows that Muslims prefer to break their fast with dates (80%) and/or water (70%) with more than half choosing to have dinner after the Maghrib prayer. Over 50% have dinner after maghrib salah. Few have their dinner upon breaking their fast (20%), with the rest preferring the time after Insha and /or Taraweeh prayers (24%).

Breaking fast with dates is a tradition (sunnah) that most adhere to. In most Muslim communities, people proceed to have traditional snacks after dates and water before performing their prayers.

This is meant to avoid heavy foods and comfortably allow them to perform the maghrib prayer before proceeding to have dinner. Additionally majority like having their main meal soon after that.



The Art of Breaking Fast

Experience the true essence of Ramadan by creating a meaningful iftar celebration that brings you closer to your faith.

Join the Muslim community in honoring this sacred time and make your iftar celebration a reflection of your devotion!

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Islamic Infographic - The Daily Celebration of Ramadan

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