Day 2 in the Philippines with Mega - Bohol

By Halal Trip | 01, Jun, 2016
Day 2 in the Philippines with Mega - Bohol

Day 2 started earlier because we had to catch a flight at noon. In the morning, we were going to the Ayala Museum which was near from the hotel, located at the heart of the Makati Central Business District. The museum is surely one of the best places to lose yourself in amazing contemporary art and uplift your spirit through the Philippines’ inspiring history.

After that, we had an early lunch at Manila Hotel; it was a whole different kind of food compared to yesterday's food. Manila Hotel provided us mixed food, letting us choose between Asian food and Middle Eastern food. All the food was really goooddd and of course, Halal :)

Lunch was for 30-40 minutes and we were in a rush to go to the airport because the flight changed times to 1 pm, when the schedule said it should be 2 pm :)) We were in a hurryyyy, until they called our names few times and finally we arrived on time to the plane.

We were heading to Bohol, it took us 1.5 hours to get here.

We safely arrived and headed directly to the hotel named Bohol Beach Club which took us about 30 minutes from the airport. Buuuuut the place was really beautiful, really. In front of the hotel was the blue sea, with white sand.

It was really a good day with a relaxing place to rest.

See you tomorrow on day 3! :)

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