Day 3 in Bintan with Nabila Hatifa!

By Halal Trip | 23, Feb, 2017
Day 3 in Bintan with Nabila Hatifa!

Hi guys.. assalamualaikum


This is my 3rd day and i've got so many things to tell you!


Around 9am we checked out from Village Resort Grand Lagoi Bintan. We went out quite early because we got so many things to do on this day


First stop was Panglong Village at Berakit. This is a fisherman village, and this is our picture with a couple of kids there. They're seem so happy, such a really nice kids!


We gave them some snacks which we bought on our way here..


This is one of the houses in this Panglong Village.. We saw the fishing boat and also how to make the salted fish. interesting right?!


Then we headed to the boat making.. 


I'm so excited that i found a wood cabin by the sea.. you can chill and relax while staring at the beautiful ocean in front of you


Next stop we went to Penyengat Island. This island has some historical stories from the ancient ancestors of Riau. We went there by a boat..


Then we took 'becak' for strolling around this island


We visited the tomb of Haji Hamidah whom was the queen and also the tomb of the king's relatives 


Then we visited the local traditional house of Melayu 


This is quite a long day.. on our way back to our hotel. we stop by and had dinner at Restaurant Jawa Timur.


Finally arrived at The Canopi!!! this is what i've been waiting for..The hotel is so unique. I call it 'glam camp' , because we're in this hotel room but in a tent. Can you imagine it? 


Alright.. now im gonna get some rest. Goodnight!


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