Day 3 in the Philippines with Ruzainah - Bohol

By Halal Trip | 02, Jun, 2016
Day 3 in the Philippines with Ruzainah - Bohol

Woke up to a beautiful scenery! Masya Allah, couldn't thank HalalTrip more for this trip! It is really lovely and calm here in Bohol.

Anyone heard about tarsiers before? Well, they are known as the world's smallest primate! The adult size of a tarsier is really small – as small as the palm of human being. The baby of a tarsier is as small as a human thumb! Can you imagine!!!!!! Someone needs to hold me from taking these tarsiers back home!!

Tarsiers can turn their head 180 degrees to the left and right. They are similar to owls and are active at night.

After getting all excited by seeing the tarsiers, we went to the top of Bohol Hill to see the perfect panoramic view of Bohol. There are more than 100 hills in Bohol. To go up to the hill, we had to climb 214 steps but it was alllll worth it! Worth the sweat, worth the pain, worth everything! Its a must to go up the hill for the Masya Allah view.

We went to CHAP – a short form for Chocolate Hill Adventure Park. Had an adventure thrilling bike zip! It was my first time trying it and I really enjoyed it! It was sooooo fun! But before all the fun, we had to climb another 248 steps up!!! But we had fun! We all had fun!

After hiking all the way up the steps, we had our fulfilling lunch on the floating boat at Loboc River Cruise. It was good to see how beautiful the nature was around us, while having a good lunch! There was a live serenade on the boat and also performances by the river, by the locals there.

We were too tired to stop for our church tour and we headed back to the beach club afterwards. We relaxed by the beach for one hour plus and we got ready for our dinner at South Palm Resort, Panglao Island. Everything here seemed so amazing!

The dinner was satisfying! We had peri peri chicken with hummus, paprika rice, fried vegetables, lamb shanks!!!! Goodness gracious! And now we are back in the beach club. Time to spend wistful time here before heading off to Cebu tomorrow. Definitely enjoyed my stay here!  


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