Day 4 in Bintan with Nabila Hatifa!

By Halal Trip | 24, Feb, 2017
Day 4 in Bintan with Nabila Hatifa!
Hi everyone..

Sadly this is my last day in Bintan. I hate saying goodbye to everyone and to this beautiful place.


I woke up quite early, because I wanted to enjoy my last morning in The Canopi. It was so relaxing and calming.


The view as usual was really beautiful.. i like the color tone of this resort, it all wraps in a neutral color. So I decided to have a mini photo session with my mom haha..


Then i went back to my room and prepared my luggage and grabbed some breakfast because we were supposed to checkout at 9am.


This was me saying my farewell to the rest of the group.. well, it's until we meet again guys :)


We headed to Tanjung Pinang airport. The airport was clean and the officer was so nice :)


Finally.. we've come to an end! well, i wanted to say thankyou HalalTrip for the opportunity and the experience, it was lovely, and also Bintan Resorts for such a warm and amazing hospitality. I will definitely will be back soon, you guys should too!


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