Delicious Halal Foods in Ipoh, Malaysia

By Babajide IJIYODE | 07, Jun, 2022
Delicious Halal Foods in Ipoh, Malaysia

Ipoh is a location in Perak State located between Penang and Kuala Lumpur that does not receive as much attention as it deserves. However, the number of tourists coming to see its colonial structures, cultural heritage, and cave temples is rapidly increasing. The delectable cuisines are without a doubt one of the primary draws of the city of Ipoh. If you are looking for the most delicious halal food in Ipoh, the following are highly recommended!


Bean Sprout Chicken Rice

bean sprout chicken rice

Image Credit: Miss Tam Chiak

Chicken, fragrant rice, and bean sprouts that have been boiled are the three main components of this dish. Poaching, steaming or roasting the chicken are all viable cooking options for this dish.

Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice is a halal restaurant that is highly recommended by the locals and offers deliciously roasted or steamed chicken rice for the price of RM7.90. The restaurant serves both roasted and steamed chicken options. You shouldn't leave without trying some of their other dishes, like Fried Tofu with Garlic.


Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo, which literally translates as "stuffed bean curd," is a delicacy that has its roots in Hakka culture and has been prepared this way for centuries. In most restaurants, the fish paste used in this meal is produced from scratch, and it is served alongside a variety of vegetables in a clear broth. Additionally, there are variations that are deep-fried, and the majority of people like those.

Man Yong Tau Foo (Restoran Pak Wan) is considered to be the best halal restaurant for yong tau foo in Ipoh; however, customers should be aware that the restaurant only serves yong tau foo in the evenings. The price of each piece, which comes to roughly RM0.70, is deemed reasonable when one considers the excellent quality and flavor.


Dim Sum

various assorted dimsums

Image Credit: Penang Foodie

Traditional Chinese cuisine known as dim sum is typically served in bamboo steamer baskets or on small plates and can be either sweet or savory in nature. Tea is traditionally served as an accompaniment to meals that are meant to be shared with loved ones.

The meals, which can be steamed or fried, are placed in carts, and waiters or waitresses will push those carts around the tables. If you want to order something, all you have to do is call them over. Nevertheless, in today's world, all you have to do to get what you want is choose it on a card that looks like a menu and then hand it to the waiter.

One of the greatest dim sum restaurants in Ipoh that is also halal, Canning Dim Sum is known for providing customers with a diverse selection of delicious dim sum. One dish that absolutely must not be missed is the Prawn Chee Cheong Fan. It would cost approximately RM6 to RM6.50 for three separate portions of dim sum, while a single portion would be approximately RM3.30.


Nasi Ganja (Nasi Kandar)

If you want your stomach to be completely satisfied with halal food in Ipoh, your best bet is to order the Nasi Kandar. The dish known as Nasi Kandar, which is often referred to as Nasi Ganja because of how highly addictive it is, is comprised of rice, spiced fried chicken, and a sambal made from coconut. The secret to the recipe is in the preparation of the coconut sambal, which, despite its slightly sweet flavor, pairs exceptionally well with rice.

Nasi Ganja Kedai Kopi is one of the best to get them, the fact that they have been serving nasi kandar for more than 60 years makes it the best halal restaurant in Ipoh for genuine nasi kandar! The price of a plate is approximately RM8.


Chee Cheong Fun

a plate of chee cheong fun

Image Credit: Cmglee, CC BY 3.0, via Wikipedia Creative

As a popular morning dish in Malaysia and Singapore, chee cheong fun is a dish of steamed rice noodle rolls with yong tau foo and a sweet or spicy curry sauce.

If you're looking for halal food in Ipoh, look no further than Restoran New Hollywood, where you'll find lots of options beyond chee cheong fun. The only halal cafe in Ipoh that serves chee cheong fun is this one, and it's your best bet. Plates cost an average of RM4.50.

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