Deliveroo Is The Next Company To Have Halal-Only Delivery Bags In SG

By Assia Hamdi | 30, Jul, 2018
Deliveroo Is The Next Company To Have Halal-Only Delivery Bags In SG

Feeling rather empty at night, especially in the tummy? Deliveroo got you covered! This international company operates in 12 countries all day and night. But the issue of not having halal-only delivery bags has risen especially in Singapore.

Their simple approach to food deals and discounts make them extremely successful in this day and year. In an attempt to further improve on their services, Singapore is the first country to experience a new exciting strategy. The all new Halal-Only Deliveroo bags.

This new project features the exclusive Halal deliveroo bags in Singapore. It targets the young market of Muslim Singaporeans, who are part of a growing population of Muslims, currently at 15% of the entire population.  

Deliveroo aims to ensure complete satisfaction from both ends of the process; food businesses and customers by connecting customers to halal restaurants, halal cafes, fast food restaurants, halal bakeries and many more. Some customers may have concerns on whether the halal food that they have ordered is being mixed with non-halal items.

The reaction to this new strategy has been mixed, as always there are agreements and disagreements. 

The general manager of Deliveroo Singapore, said in the statement: "The halal-only delivery bags will give both our customers and restaurant partners extra peace of mind when they order or work with us." This has created a great uproar of respect and gratitude by some Singaporeans.

On the other hand, others see this as the beginning of a segregation process that may indent in the society. Netizens complain that vegetarian and vegan bags should also be created whilst others insist on this being unnecessary as they ‘are not eating the bag’. To some Muslims who have lived in Western and non Muslim countries, the strategy is not necessary.

Whilst, both points of views are understandable, this new approach is increasing Deliveroo's popularity amongst the Muslim population in SIngapore. Furthermore, there seems to be no harm to anyone. It's up to you to decide! Is this new initiative going to fall flat or will it became a new hit?

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