3 Best Desserts in Malang, East Java, Indonesia

By Leo Galuh | 21, Apr, 2019
3 Best Desserts in Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Below are three sophisticated desserts in Malang, East Java that you must try!


Ceklok Ice Cream 

Credit: Es Puter Ceklok Management

Tugiman, the owner of Es Puter Ceklok, first produced 'Ceklok' ice cream in 1978. He derived the name Ceklok from the sound of an ice shovel dragging against ice dough. This handmade ice cream is a perfect choice for sunny day in town as it is refreshing and has an incredibly soft texture due to its richness in milk. What's more, Ceklok offers a variety of flavors such as avocado, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Notably, all these flavours are made using natural ingredients only. Thus, no artificial flavours are used in the making of this ice cream.

In addition, the prices of the Ceklok ice cream are affordable as its cost ranges from IDR 5,000 to IDR 10,000 only, depending on the kinds of toppings you add. The types of toppings Tugiman offers are vanilla, bread and jelly. You can even ask Tugiman to add more chocolate milk to your ceklok ice cream - Yummy! So what are you waiting for? Try out ceklok ice cream for yourself, you won't regret it!

Address: Jalan Borobudur, in front of Saint Joseph Catholic High School
Click here for the detail location.

Opening Hours: 9AM to 5PM (Mon-Sat)


Panjang Umur Puding Ice 

Credit: @ysfnmdy on Instagram

This unique ice pudding is only available at Hok Lay stall. Hok Lay is a family-owned stall that has been established since 1946. Today, it still maintains the authenticity of its architecture.

The term 'Panjang Umur' is a Malay expression which directly translates to 'Long Life' in English. Its ice topping is carved into a unique turtle-shape as turtles are a symbol of longeivity in the Chinese culture. The ice cream bowl consists of fruit slices drenched in delicious raspberry syrup and sweetened condensed milk.

That's not all! Hok Lay stall also offers other legendary cuisines like Cwi Mie or Cwi Noodle, spring rolls and Fosco! In case you didn't know, Fosco is a liquid blend of pure milk and chocolate. To many, its taste can be described as a mixture of caramel and chocolate milkshake. Sounds good, right?

Budiman, the stall manager, mentioned that all food is processed in their own kitchen. He and his team are in charge of the quality and quantity of their halal ingredients. On average, one item from their menu is priced at IDR 15,000.

Address: Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan 10, Klojen, Malang City
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Opening Hours: 9AM to 1.30PM, 5PM to 9PM (Daily)



Credit: KTT Ice

'KTT Ice' is a popular menu item from Ternate, Ambon Island Province. KTT is a Malay term which stands for 'Kacang Top Ternate'. This translates to 'Ternate Top Peanut' in English. To some, its distinctive taste may come off as shocking at first. However, this ice cream is a perfect choice for culinary adventure.

The main ingredient of KTT ice is red beans. It is served with syrup made from traditional Ambon’s secret recipe. The KTT Ice stall serves ice cream flavours like: Triple Plus Special, Montong Durian, Nyiur Melambai, Double Chocolate, Green Banana, Coffee Float, Original, Milk Orange Plus, Double Peanuts;etc

Address: Jalan Bandunagn Sutami Number 33, Lowokwaru, Malang City
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Opening hours: 11AM to 6PM (Daily)

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