Discovering the Splendour of Bulgaria

By Halal Trip | 16, Dec, 2014
Discovering the Splendour of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a stunning destination that is a must-visit for all. Attractions in this glorious travel destination range from magnificent mountain ranges to pristine beaches to fascinating historic towns and 19th century villages – with something in store for all types of travellers. Here's how Bulgaria is sure to delight Muslim travellers.  


Sofia - the vibrant capital of Bulgaria - is a must-visit destination when travelling in Bulgaria. Hidden amidst its lively city-life is a fascinating historic heritage that emanates from its Ottoman-style buildings and monuments. The city is presently home to one mosque - the BanyaBashi Mosque - which serves Sofia's local Muslim community. Finding a Halal restaurant might be slightly difficult. There are a few Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants in the city but it is recommended that you enquire about the availability of Halal food prior to dining.  


The enchantingly beautiful city of Plovdiv will captivate travellers with its winding cobbled streets and art galleries. It is the second-largest city in Bulgaria - after the capital Sofia - and is packed with attractions to ensure an interesting visit. With a history that dates back over 8,000 years in time, Plovdiv's old town area offers a mix of East and West and resembles an open-air museum, with numerous 18th and 19th century buildings including the impressive ancient theater. Plovdiv is home to a few mosques including Dzhumaya Mosque - the city's oldest and most prominent mosque - which will be able to provide useful tips and information on where to find Halal food in the city.  

Varna City

Varna City is Bulgaria's bright summer capital and is one of its most popular travel destinations. Located along the coast of the Black Sea, Varna City offers the perfect blend of a seaside resort, port city and naval base. Aside from its summer appeal, Varna City also exudes a rich past and history and is home to numerous buildings and monuments from the Roman era. Muslim travellers will be able to find a couple of mosques in Varna City – the Hairiye Mosque and the Aziziye Mosque. Orient Turkish Restaurant is the most popular Halal restaurant in Varna City where travellers will be able to savour mouth-watering halal kebabs and other Middle Eastern food.  

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach will be paradise for beach lovers. Being Bulgaria's major beach resort, Sunny Beach is capable of meeting the likes of various travellers - be it blissfully relaxing under the sun, indulging in exciting adventure activities or other entertainment options. Unfortunately there are no known mosques or Halal restaurants in close proximity to the beach area. However, quite a few vegetarian restaurants and eateries are available in the area and can be useful for travellers who wish to visit Sunny Beach.  

Other popular travel destination in Bulgaria include Veliko Tŭrnovo, Bansko, Golden Sands, Burgas City, Balchik, Sozopol and Borovets. This beautiful East-European destination rewards exploration.

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