Looking For The Perfect Door Gift For Your Wedding? We've Got Some Ideas For You!

By Nathasha Wickramasinghe | 16, Aug, 2018
Looking For The Perfect Door Gift For Your Wedding? We've Got Some Ideas For You!

After months of planning and making sure everything goes well, your wedding day is finally here! Your ceremony went well and so did the reception, it may be hard to believe that the big day is over, and your guests may be feeling the same way.

So what better way to thank your guests for being there on your special day and celebrating with you than to give them a little gift in return! This is a great way to end the day and for your guests to remember the celebrations by.

There are many options out there for door gifts like frames, the good ol’ goodie bag which are nice but going for a more unique gift would be ideal, especially something your guests could use!

So here’s a list of 10 wedding favours and door gifts!

1. Succulents

Though it might be on the pricier side, it is definitely a memorable gift for your guests. Succulents are easy to manage and they make a good element for our houses. Now this is something that is useful in any household and is a gift your guests would greatly appreciate. 

2. Potpourri

You can get your guests names printed out with the table number and date of the wedding with pressed flowers in a nice frame. They can act as a table setting as well as a wedding favour – two-in-one!

3. Scented candles

If you are going for a rustic themed wedding scented candles in cute little jars would be a perfect door gift. It’s also a great DIY option, so you can gather your bridal entourage and work on these leisurely before the wedding!

4. Customised cupcakes

Send your guests home with these sweet cupcakes which they can enjoy after the celebrations and reminisce about the day’s festivities.

5. Small flower vases

This is a great way to repurpose the flower decorations in your wedding! Have a designated person towards the end of the evening to collect flowers from centrepieces and bouquets and place them in tiny glass bottles with a little thank you tag.

This way your guests get a little something to remember the day by and your pricy flora will not have gone to waste!

5. Macarons

What better way to show your appreciation than a cream macaron?!

Use colourful macarons placed in mini clear packages, giving your guests a sweet start to the celebrations!

6. Little tin jar keepsakes

A keepsake filled with goodies?

Make an upgrade from goodie bags to these cute jars which you can fill with candies and a little thank you note, this way your guests get something to enjoy and use at home as these little jars can be really handy in a household.

7. Seeds

Now this may come off as an unusual gift but it is a unique idea for a wedding door gift as it holds a beautiful message.

Seeds represent growth and harmony and will be a very meaningful wedding favour that your guests would definitely appreciate!

8. Customised cutlery

Present your guests with a spoon and fork set with an engraving of your wedding date and names or even a butter knife. These wedding favours are sure to come in handy in your guests’ household and are a nice way for them to remember your big day.

9. A jar full of sweetness

Send your guests home on a sweet note with customised mason jars filled with honey or jam!

You can use homemade flavoured honey or jam to add a more personalised touch.

10. Soap

Customised scented soap bars in elegant packaging would be a fun gift for your wedding guests!

You can get them in a beautiful rose shape for a more romantic look or even a heart shape for a cuter, quirky vibe with a unique scent which will remind your guests of your wedding day whenever they get a whiff of the scent.

Hopefully this list will help you choose the best door gift for your wedding.

Happy wedding planning!

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