Download HalalTrip's New Muslim Visitor Guide to Indonesia!

By Halal Trip | 09, Dec, 2015
Download HalalTrip's New Muslim Visitor Guide to Indonesia!

An exotic and breathtaking travel destination, Indonesia is truly a hidden gem in South East Asia. It is an excellent holiday destination and provides a vast number of experiences for every traveller – Muslim travellers in particular.

To let Muslim travellers experience the splendour of Indonesia, HalalTrip and The Ministry of Tourism Indonesia have now put together a comprehensive 70-page visitor guide for Muslim tourists to Indonesia, highlighting the various experiences that are on offer around various regions of the country.

The visitor guide provides detailed information and travel tips that provide an excellent way for Muslim tourists to enjoy an authentic Indonesian experience. The content in the visitor guide has been categorised into seven sections for different regions of the country. The categories include:

  1. Jakarta

  2. Bogor & Puncak

  3. West Java – Bandung

  4. East Java – Surabaya

  5. East Java – Malang & Batu

  6. Bali

  7. Lombok


Each region on the guide has been further divided, highlighting the various sight-seeing options, accommodation choices, prayer facilities and dining experiences that are available to Muslim travellers.

More interesting information about Indonesia is also included in the visitor guide, making it a useful travel resource for any Muslim traveller. The guide is presently available both in the form of a printed version and a downloadable version on the HalalTrip website.


Please click on the below link to download a free copy of the Muslim Travel Guide to Indonesia: .

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