Download the New Muslim Visitor Guide to Bintan Island!

By Halal Trip | 08, Jun, 2017
Download the New Muslim Visitor Guide to Bintan Island!
Indonesia's Bintan Island is nothing short of spectacular. This popular holiday destination in South East Asia is a great place to visit on vacation with the whole family and provides a vast number of experiences for Muslim travelers.
To let Muslim travelers better experience the splendour of the island, Bintan Resorts in collaboration with Halaltrip and CrescentRating has released a detailed and comprehensive Muslim Visitor Guide to Bintan Resorts. The guide highlights the various Muslim-friendly resorts, attractions and Halal-friendly restaurants that are available on the island, providing visitors a high level of assurance.
The 20-page visitor guide also provides detailed information and travel tips that provide an excellent way for Muslim tourists to enjoy an authentic Bintan experience. The content in the visitor guide has been categorised into a number of sections - making it easier for travelers to plan their sight-seeing, dining, praying and shopping during their trip.
More interesting information about the destination has been included in the visitor guide, making it a useful travel resource for any Muslim traveler. The guide is presently available in English and will be subsequently translated to Arabic and Chinese.
In addition to the Muslim visitor guide, a dedicated microsite on the HalalTrip website has also been developed to showcase and highlight the Muslim-friendly options in Bintan Island:
To download a copy of the visitor guide please visit guides/. To visit the dedicated Bintan micro site please visit here.

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