Drakensberg Sun: A Resort Hidden in the Mountains of South Africa

By Halal Trip | 21, Jan, 2022
Drakensberg Sun: A Resort Hidden in the Mountains of South Africa

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This affordable yet opulent chain of hotels was previously known as Southern Sun but once the company merged with Tsogo Sun Holding in 2013 the company was rebranded as the Tsogo Sun Hotels. The company has over 100 hotels littered throughout South Africa and other parts of Africa including Mauritius and Seychelles. This chain is synonymous with affordable luxury and what I would most recommend to almost any overseas tourist traveling to South Africa is that with Tsogo Sun you always know what you are going to get and are hardly ever disappointed.

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A Hidden Gem

This beautiful hotel is tucked away in the Drakensberg mountains and is so ingeniously hidden too that you won’t even realize you are there until you are right in front of the hotel. The hotel is situated on top of a hill that rolls out into a luscious valley that houses a number of scenic hiking, horse riding, and running trails.

The accommodation offers both a hotel and self-catering units all on the same property so you are spoiled for choice in terms of your sleeping preferences. The self-catering units though only allow for week-long stays so the hotel would be the better option if you are only intending on staying a night or two.

Drakensberg Sun Interior

Image Credit: Drakensberg Sun Resort

Considering that it's in the mountains the temperatures can drop drastically and we were fortunate enough to be in The Bergs on a relatively rainy weekend so the ambiance created was unparallel. The mountain tops were magnificently decorated with a thin mystical mist and the entire hotel was kept warm with the help of a number of log fires burning both on the inside and outside of the hotel. A lovely touch is the fact that the hotel keeps logs readily available next to each fire- which is safely managed in an enclosed casket - so you are allowed to put a log into a dying fire especially if that was ever a moment on your bucket list. Surrounding the fires is the most beautiful rustic deco which further invites you to simply snuggle in with a good book. An additional feature is the common room where families can unwind from the chilly weather with a board game and warm beverage. The sole purpose of the hotel is to simply allow you to unplug and reconnect with nature because even the wifi speeds are not as fast as it is in the city so Netflix binging is a no-no here.


Things to do in the Drakensberg Sun
Drakensberg Sun outdoor activities

Image Credit: Drakensberg Sun Resort

The hotel sports 4 on-site hiking trails which include the Blue Grotto, Fern Forest, Ellis Hike, and the Lake Walk suitable for all fitness levels. Additionally, you can explore the surrounding area via hired canoes where you can even enjoy an afternoon of trout fishing.

Drakensberg Sun Resort Heated Pool South Africa

Image Credit: Drakensberg Sun Resort

Although the resort may appear as though it would only appeal to an older crowd, the kids are accommodated for with a games room which includes an Xbox, pool and tennis table and a movie room, however, the theatre was not in operation due to covid. There is also a generously sized heated pool outdoors for both the kids and adults to enjoy a swim in or to just laze at after a strenuous hike. The self-catering units although not too far off also have their only pool.


Halal Food in Drakensberg
Drakensberg Sun Buffet Food

Image Credit: Drakensberg Sun Resort

Because the resort is a bit isolated there is a fantastic onsite restaurant and dinner and breakfast are included in the room rate. A particular highlight during supper was the trout which is caught from the nearby rivers and the same way that at breakfast you get the experience of a live omelet station, the fish is freshly prepared on a grill right in front of you. Apart from this, there is a variety of vegetarian and halal meat options and an array of desserts to finish the meal with.

In terms of covid requirements, they adhere to the usual pre-screening and limit the number of people per area so breakfast and supper need to be pre-booked. The resort is a lovely stopover for a night or two especially en-route to Durban.

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