Earle Swensen's Grand Menu Refresh

By Halal Trip | 24, Jun, 2022
Earle Swensen's Grand Menu Refresh

Looking for something new to excite your tastebuds this weekend? Then you’re in luck, Earle Swensen’s has revamped their grand menu with a number of new dishes to whet your appetite!

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Inspired by a chef’s adventures around the world, Earle Swensens is serving up nothing short of a gastronomic journey across the different regions and cultures with its newly refreshed grand menu. From the hand-stretched Neapolitan pizzas to a range of mouth-watering pasta and innovative burgers, all with the contemporary Earle Swensen’s twist.


Jewel Changi Airport
#03-219, 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819663
12 pm– 8:30 pm (Last order 7:45 pm)
For reservations: 6245 8955

#02-117, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585
11:30 am – 10:30 pm
For reservations: 6272 3306


Here are some highlights from the exciting new menu:


The Golden Bun (Parmesan Crisp Burger)
The Golden Bun

What do you get when you mix the burgers of New York City and the Parmesan Crisps of Friuli Italy? The Golden Bun of course! Served with a side of U.S. fries, this new juicy new burger is beautifully stacked with Monterey Jack sliced cheese, caramelized onions, a tantalizing burger sauce, and a tender patty sandwiched between the toasted buttery brioche buns.

If you’re looking for that extra oomph, you can choose to add some crispy parmesan cheese into the stack for that extra crunch. In addition to that, you can also choose to have the patty style from either ‘Perfect’, a juicy grilled patty, or ‘Smashed!’ for a caramelized crispy crust. We recommend trying the Smashed! option for this!  


The Chicken Katsu Baga バーガー
Chicken Katsu Baga

If chicken’s more your thing, then the Chicken Katsu Baga will definitely get you excited! This humongous Baga, sorry burger, features a specially battered chicken patty that’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, barely fitting in between the soft brioche buns. 

Laced with a special katsu sauce and a drizzle of julienned cabbage, It’s not one to be missed on the new menu!


Seafood Chowder in Sourdough Bread Bowl
Seafood Chowder

Take a trip down to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco with this warm, thick, and creamy seafood broth served in a sourdough bread bowl. The broth is a mix of boiled clams, halved mussels, and chunks of tuber vegetables. Topped off with some flakes of smoked duck and crisp turkey bacon to add that extra smoky flavor.

There’s no better way to enjoy chowder than by dunking some sourdough bread. Dunk it into the rich warm chowder and experience the orchestra of rich flavors that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy. You can choose to have the Seafood Chowder in the Sourdough Bread Bowl or you can opt for the Sourdough slice option.


Steak Au Poivre
Steak Au Poivre

Slices of tenderloin crusted with coarsely cracked seared peppercorns. Complemented by the creamy pan sauce and lastly garnished with fresh parsley. This classic French steak is served with U.S. fries made from Idaho potatoes.

The tenderness and fine textures of the beef seared to perfection is a must-try for anyone who loves their red meat. It almost melts in your mouth!


The King (Aglio Olio)
Pasta collection at Earle's Swensens

Say Buongiorno to Naples, Italy with the selection of hearty kinds of pasta, a classic favorite at Earle Swensen’s. 

The King (Aglio Olio) gets its name from the succulent King Prawns that adorn the dish, like the main act of the show. Served with al dente Spaghetti tossed with fragrant garlic, chili padi, and chili flakes for that extra kick. Finally garnished with parsley for the finishing touch.


The Angry (Beef Arrabiata Pasta)

A play on the word Arrabiata which mean ‘Angry’ in Italian, The Angry is one dish with a kick! The heat of the pasta sauce is made from San Marzano tomato paste mixed with herbs and of course chili padi. Served with ground beef with chopped onions and parsley and then topped off with generous amounts of grated parmesan cheese.


Margherita Pizza
Magherita Pizza

Hand-Stretched Neapolitan pizzas are the thing that  Earle Swensen’s is popular for. The light and beautifully charred crusts are topped with stringy mozzarella, Earle’s special marinara sauce, parmesan cheese, and fresh basil. Great for sharing with family and friends around the table.

Other pizzas to try are the Roti John Pizza, Truffle Mushroom Pizza, Chicken Tikka Pizza, and their Hazelnut Banana Pizza amongst others.


S’mores Waffle
S'mores Waffle

What’s a trip to Swensen’s without finishing it off with dessert. End your meal with a bang with the new S’mores Waffle. 

These thick and crispy waffles are topped with pillowy torched marshmallows slathered with decadent chocolate cold fudge, crunchy digestive crumbs, and butterscotch. It's sure to delight your sweet tooth. You can even add a scoop of gelato or ice cream to make it even more awesome!

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