Eco-arm Your Home While You Travel

By Halal Trip | 28, Jul, 2014
Eco-arm Your Home While You Travel
Many consumers have become more eco-friendly with their travel plans over the recent years. From the boom of more environmentally friendly hotel and holiday destinations to finding more energy conserving ways to travel, such as utilizing public transportation rather than renting private vehicles. But as a whole, have we thought of the adjustments we can make in our home while we are away? These little changes are not only greener solutions but some of them can also save you a bit of money.

1. Use Automatic Lighting

Lights give the illusion that someone is home and is less inclined to be burglarized, so it is always best to give the impression that a home is occupied while tenants are away. Instead of leaving lamps on the entire time, use timed lights. These can be scheduled to turn on in the evening and to automatically turn off in the morning. They serve the purpose and will not waste energy during the day time.

2. Turn Off the Water

Did you know that a leaky faucet dripping at the rate of one drop per second can waste up to 225 gallons of water a month? Turn off the main water pipes since it lessens the possibility of a leaky faucet and is also a helpful precaution against flooded basements or bathrooms.

3. Unplug All Electronics

Unplugging all electronics and appliances while on vacation will help conserve energy. Cell phone chargers, coffee makers, and lamps are just some of the devices which consume energy even when they aren't being used. Keeping rarely used appliances unplugged, even when at home, will reduce your environmental impact and lower your energy bill.

4. Lower the Thermostat

Though you won't notice it in the air, lowering your thermostat by one degree will not only save energy but it will also lower your monthly bill by almost ten percent. Additionally, using a programmable thermostat is a great way of lowering costs; it allows you to preset temperatures and will adjust the warmth or coolness of your home according to your family's specific needs.

5. Getting a House Sitter

At times it is necessary to hire a house sitter while we are away - whether it is to water the plants or to take care of a pet. Try asking a nearby neighbor who can walk over rather than a friend who will have to drive over. They could also control the lights if an automatically timed light is unavailable. If you have a daily newspaper delivered, you might want to offer it to your house-sitter while you are away or suspend the delivery if you plan on being away for a longer period of time. Next time you are away, keep these tips in mind and hopefully you will not only have a greener vacation but a lowered utility bill as well. These changes to your home can be instilled very easily and can go a long way in having a more environmentally friendly holiday - so remember that no matter where you are going on vacation, you can always go green.

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