Eco-Friendly Ice Creams in Singapore

By Hooria Tahir | 22, Jun, 2022
Eco-Friendly Ice Creams in Singapore

We know that dozing on full-fat, dairy ice creams is always a great experience. But, it can get tough on our waistlines. Sometimes, you need to count calories, choose healthier options, and skip the fatty foods. Of course, it is not easy. 

Non-fat ice cream has never been a popular food. - What is ice cream without a hearty helping of greasy, sweet milky bliss, after all? 

Ice cream isn't exactly a healthy treat. But, some ice cream brands, on the other hand, have devised healthier, leaner alternatives, so you can still indulge without jogging an additional lap around the track. 

Vegan ice cream has been around for a long, but it has an undeserved reputation for being thin, frigid, and unsatisfying. 

Thankfully, there are now a plethora of delicious dairy replacements that may be used in vegan ice creams. 

Some ice cream companies have even started manufacturing their plant-based milk to create the perfect eco-friendly, non-dairy ice cream that has the perfect resemblance to the creaminess of cow's milk.

Here are the wonderful eco-friendly ice creams, which we scooped out of some of our favorite frozen guilt-free desserts.

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1. Oatly

oatly chocolate fudge flavor

Image Credit: Oatly

In recent years, the oat milk brand Oatly has developed a cult-like following. With its plant-based dairy substitute, the dairy-free alternative seeks to promote sustainability. 

While most of us know it as oat milk, now is the time to learn about its vegan ice cream options. Singapore is the first market in Southeast Asia for the Swedish brand's dairy-free ice cream, which is ideal for the region's constant heat. 

You can find vanilla, strawberry, chocolate hazelnut swirl, salted caramel, and a popular favorite, chocolate fudge. Tubs are available in Redmart and some Fairprice Finest locations.

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2. Kind Kones 

kind kones black forest

Image Credit: Kind Kones

Kind Kones, a healthful and natural vegan ice cream shop, is located just across the causeway. The brand handcrafts these ice creams without processed sugars, soy, artificial flavorings, or preservatives. So, you may lick up every last creamy drop guilt-free!

When you visit one of their two locations, make sure to try their outstanding flavor, Blue Planet. It's undoubtedly eye-catching, and because of its baby blue color and green matcha cake embedded in each scoop, it looks a lot like a tiny planet Earth on your bowl. - How aesthetic?

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3. Smoocht 

smoocht ice cream and brownie

Image Credit: Smoocht

Although calorie reduction isn't the most compelling argument to go vegan, it is certainly a motivator. You will be relieved to learn that each scoop of Smoocht's dairy-free concoctions includes only 80 to 140 calories – less than a third of the calories in traditional ice cream. - If you're keeping score. 

Smoocht prepares its ice creams with organic crystal brown rice, organic evaporated sugar cane juice, real fruit, and pure nut butter.

If the idea of sampling these sweet sweets made from healthful brown rice hasn't caught your curiosity enough, the unusual yet recognizable Asian flavors might. Anyone for Thai Tea or Gila Gula Melaka?

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4. Green Common

green common's matcha purity

Image Credit: Green Common

Ten years ago, who would think that ice cream could be derived just from plants? Well, brands like Green Common are making it happen. Get ready to visit this one-stop vegan cafe and grocery store. It has it all! 

In its green version, the cafe provides almost anything you can think of, including – you guessed it – ice cream. 

They have a few different flavors; Matcha Purity. A popular favorite. - Produced with Japanese matcha powder and a splash of prebiotics for gut health. And who can forget - Chocolate Hearty, with Thai bean-to-bar chocolate as its major ingredient and base of coconut and cashew milk, these ice cream flavors are taking it to another level.

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Now, you can feast on your favorite ice creams, guilt-free! 


Cover Image Credit: Minha Baek on Unsplash

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