Essentials and Travel Dua - Must Haves for Every Muslim Traveler

By Halal Trip | 06, Jan, 2017
Essentials and Travel Dua - Must Haves for Every Muslim Traveler

When it comes to travel planning, every Muslim should definitely make the extra effort so as to not miss out on their daily duties. HalalTrip made a handy checklist for you just so you won’t miss out on anything!

1) Travel Prayer Mat (and garment!)

Prayer is our highest priority thus, it is on top of the list. A travel prayer mat comes in handy as there are certain places that do not have prayer facilities so you have to make do with improvisation. On top of that, it is light and easy to fold and keep when you’re done. You can find these items on Amazon or eBay.

2) Halal Snacks

This is especially for those who are hungry all the time. Halal knick knacks can be quite hard to find if you don’t know if there is non-halal ingredients in the food or even worse, when the food label is in another language. We will usually pack biscuits and crackers or research on local Halal snacks before coming. If you’re set on bringing your favourite stash, just remember to check on customs restrictions.

3) HalalTrip App


With a new and improved UI, HalalTrip App (Apple & Android) provides various amenities such as qibla direction, prayer times (Salat/Salah/Salath/Namaz times), nearest mosques and Halal food and even Muslim travel etiquettes and travel duas


If you love to be in a community with Muslim explorers alike, contribute your discoveries of interesting attractions, new Halal restaurants and hidden prayer places. Download now on Apple and Android. HalalTrippers will thank you later (wink).


Halal Food Spotter allows you to document your Halal food finds and share with others on the go. This would make it easier for especially for other Muslim travelers to search for good food without struggling around finding good reviews of Halal restaurants!

4) Portable Charger

Every mobile phone user’s nightmare - low battery. With all those apps you’re using, your battery is bound to drain a lot. It’s good to have your phone with some power especially in case there are emergencies. Find a suitable portable charger and charge them all up before heading out.

5) Portable WIFI/Local SIM Card

Just say it, traveling is a hundred times more easier when you have internet connection. Even though modern cities has free public WIFI, it is best to have a personal WIFI or mobile data for a fast, secure connection. You’ll get to search up on information and of course, update your social media of your amazing getaway. Most airports provide portable WIFI rental and sells SIM cards.

6) Google Translate and Google Maps

These two apps right here are your best friends when you’re travelling. Basic phrases can be translated within seconds and if you’re feeling sociable, you can even try communicating with a local by translating your conversation back and forth. Must be a sight worth seeing.


Plus unless you’re a geographical genius, you probably need the map to navigate around the new environment you’re in. Google Maps provides a comprehensive guide on iconic locations as well as directions to places.


Travel Hadith and Dua

Be amazed by His Creations around the world but do not forget the Creator Himself! It’s always good to make supplications for your travel. Take a look at some dua for traveling right with HalalTrip Travel Dua and Travel Etiquette (Hadith on travel and manners of travelling in Islam) on mobile:


Travel duas will greatly benefit you for calming down before the exciting journey and as a protection. There are many travel duas in each step of your journey, from dua for traveling on plane to dua upon entering a city, town or village.


Now get inspired and get packing! It is not necessarily that hard to travel as a Muslim as these tools will hopefully make it easier to perform your daily duties. Don’t forget to download HalalTrip app now on Apple and Android!


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