Explore Beautiful Jeju Island with the New Muslim Visitor Guide Launched by Jeju Tourism Association and HalalTrip!

By Halal Trip | 21, Sep, 2015
Explore Beautiful Jeju Island with the New Muslim Visitor Guide Launched by Jeju Tourism Association and HalalTrip!

Beautiful and breathtaking Jeju Island has long been one of South Korea's most popular and much-loved holiday destinations. The tourist hotspot is famed for its rich culture, stunning landscapes and fascinating attractions & activities – providing plenty to see and do for all types of travelers.

Muslim travelers too can now experience the splendour of Jeju Island without having to compromise on their faith-based requirements. Jeju Tourism Association and HalalTrip have launched a comprehensive 12-page visitor guide for Muslim tourists to Jeju Island, highlighting the various Muslim-friendly facilities, services and activities that are available at the destination.

Titled “Experience Jeju Island, A Traveller’s Haven”, the visitor guide provides detailed information and travel tips that have been put together to ensure that Muslim tourists are able to enjoy a hassle-free visit to the island. The content in the visitor guide has been categorised into separate sections for convenience, focusing on shopping, sight-seeing, dining and praying – the four main aspects of a Muslim traveller's trip.

The 5 Must-Have Experiences section lists some of the best activities and places-of-interest at Jeju Island for tourists – Muslim tourists in particular. For shoppers, the guide highlights the various souvenir shops, shopping malls and streets, markets and duty-free shops where a wide variety of items can be bought.

Some of Jeju Island's best dining spots for Muslim travelers have also been listed in the guide – along with contact details so that they can be located with ease. Each restaurant has also been given a Muslim-friendly rating by CrescentRating to provide an idea of how well it can cater to Muslim customers. The Prayer Facilities section of the guide contains a list of the prayer facilities that are available at Jeju Island so that Muslim travelers can easily locate them.

More interesting information on Jeju Island is included in the visitor guide as well, making it a useful travel resource for any Muslim traveller. The guide is presently available both in the form of a printed version and a downloadable version on the HalalTrip website.

Please click on the below link to download a free copy of the Muslim Travel Guide to Jeju Island: http://www.halaltrip.com/downloadable-halal-travel-guides .



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