Exploring the Amazon Rainforest - The Largest Rainforest in the World!

By Halal Trip | 03, Oct, 2016
Exploring the Amazon Rainforest - The Largest Rainforest in the World!

The largest rainforest in the world - the Amazon Rainforest - is also the largest remaining natural resource in the world, If you've ever dreamed about visiting the Amazon rainforest, read on for more information.

Also known as the Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle, the area of the Amazon Rainforest spreads across 1.4 billion acres and encompasses territories belonging to nine nations. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is thought to be formed during the Eocene era. It has been in existence for about 55 million years and got its name from the Amazon River. It is home to over 500 mammals, 175 lizards, over 300 other reptile species, and about one third of the world's birds.

How to Visit the Amazon Rainforest?

Visitors can access the Amazon rainforest easiest from Brazil and Ecuador. Those accessing the rainforests from Ecuador can travel to the city of Quito and from there take a bus, private guide, or a small plane. The best cities to visit the rainforest from are Brazil, Manaus, Belem, Macapa, Boa Vista, Porto Velho or Rio Branco; out of these Manaus and Belem have the best facilities for visitors.

The Amazon rainforest has a number of rivers, navigating through them is the best way to view the rainforest on a ground level. There are also small planes operating around the area for visitors to enjoy an aerial view.

National Parks of the Amazon

Some of the popular Amazon national parks are Cabo Orange National Park, Serra do Divisor National Park, Tumucumaque Mountains National Park, Cantão State Park, Jau National Park and Mamiraua.

    - Serra do Divisor National Park: shares its border with Peru and conserves the West Indian Manatee. The park has several protected areas and indigenous conservations. The Cabo Orange National Park is the only rainforest in the Amazon on the coastline. The flora and fauna in this area are quite different from the remaining areas. It is possible for visitors to visit this park by boat from the city of Oiapoque in Brazil.

    - Tumucumaque Mountains National Park: is the largest protected tropical forest in the world and was created in 2002. This park can be accessed from the cities of Macapa or Oiapoque. The Cantão State Park is where the Amazon rainforest begins and has good visitor infrastructure. This park is best accessible from the city of Palmas in Tocantins state.

    - Jau National Park: is another huge protected area close to Manaus and has all the facilities for the convenience of travelers. This park has some excellent rivers that can be explored on canoes. The Mamiraua Park is one of the best parks and has excellent services for visitors. The whole area of Mamiraua has flooded forests and travelers can enter with a canoe or can also opt to hike the marked trails. Mamiraua is best accessible from the city of Tefe in the Amazonas State.

Some popular places to visit in the Amazon rainforest include the Salto Angel Waterfall in Colombia, the largest waterfall in the world, and areas of the idigenous tribes of the Amazon where visitors can experience their rituals and way of life.

Finding Halal food near the Amazon and in the area is difficult. It is advised that travelers either carry supplies or have vegetarian food.