5 Family-Friendly Summer Getaways You Don't Want to Miss

By Babajide IJIYODE | 28, Jun, 2024
5 Family-Friendly Summer Getaways You Don't Want to Miss

You may actually want to take a sizable family vacation this summer or even fall after spending the previous years daydreaming about traveling. There is only one issue to consider: where are we going?

Family vacations are usually special because you get to spend time with one other (which is rare if you have teenagers!) and create cherished memories of all your activities. If you haven't already booked your next family vacation or getaway, check our list of the top family-friendly vacation spots below to get inspired to start organizing your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Riviera Maya, MexicoRiviera Maya

Image Credit: Eduardo Cano Photo Co. on Unsplash

Best for: Families looking for a simple, yet with various choices of activities to choose from.

Perfect for children of all ages. It is a playground for both young and old, brimming with vibrant family attractions, rich culture, and historical landmarks. We advise a stay at the Riviera Maya, one of the nation's most well-known coastlines, for the ultimate family vacation. Visit one of the many water parks in the vicinity, engaging museums, or fascinating Mayan ruins to keep the youngsters occupied. Take a break in one of the many fascinating cenotes (deep swimming holes) or choose from a variety of stunning white sand beaches.


Santorini, Greecesantorini, greece

Image Credit: Heidi Kaden on Unsplash

Best for: Families looking for adventure with breathtaking views.

Ideal for kids ages 8 and up. Even though Santorini is best renowned for its Instagram-worthy honeymoon settings and romantic locales, families should not automatically discount a trip to the Greek island as a vacation option. Children who like an active vacation will love Santorini. The island is home to numerous excellent bathing areas, and many businesses also provide boat tours of the caldera. History buffs will appreciate the remarkable origin story of this volcanic island. Of course, those breathtaking views are also helpful.


Puglia, Italypuglia, italy

Image Credit: Massimo Virgilio on Unsplash

Best for: A happy family vacation by the sea, with a splash of the vibrant Italian culture.

Perfect for children of all ages. For a busy summer vacation that will be popular with both older and younger kids, travel to the "heel of Italy." Children will adore the typical Trulli houses in this region of Italy, which have a storybook aesthetic (see above). For those teenagers seeking to explore, Puglia is particularly widely recognized for its scuba-diving locations, where they can also earn their diving certification. Vacationing in July and August? Puglia comes alive in the summer with festivities honoring many aspects of the rich Italian culture.


Kalkan, Turkeykalkan, turkey

Image Credit: afanc Manchester, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Best for: Families who enjoy hiking and extensive history, complete with Muslim-friendly amenities.

Ideal for children between the ages of 12 and 18. Hike the Lycian Way, a stunning trail that runs through Kalkan, with your older children and adolescents to get some fresh air. There are many historic beauties in this region of Turkey that are simple to explore on foot. The stunning ruins of Patara, a mystery Lycian city with Roman baths and a magnificent theater, are also close by. Of course, once all the climbing has properly exhausted you, there are always the gorgeous beaches in Kalkan to unwind on. Why not take a gullet trip while you're there and travel around the turquoise coast?


Maldivesan island in maldives

Image Credit: Pedro Bariak on Unsplash

Best for: A full-on island adventure and water activities.

For children ages 2 to 16. Like the majority of us, we have no doubt that you have the Maldives on your bucket list, but did you know that it also makes a wonderful family vacation spot? Of course, watersports and beach-based activities are the main draws. from swimming to snorkeling, observing dolphins, fishing, and other activities. Even the opportunity to take a whale submarine excursion or see a movie at the seashore theater is available. Maldives is also a Muslim-friendly destination, and therefore you will not need to worry about finding halal food or a place to pray! What's best? You're sure to love all of these things just as much as the kids do!

Which of these destinations would you love to visit?

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