Fantastic Halal Chinese New Year Goodies and Where to Find Them in Singapore

By Halal Trip | 27, Jan, 2017
Fantastic Halal Chinese New Year Goodies and Where to Find Them in Singapore

It’s the time of the year when the streets of Chinatown lights up with decorations for the coming festivity. People flock downtown to get their supplies of new year decorations, clothes, and of course… GOODIES! If you don’t know much about Chinese culture or food, read on to know more about their raved goodies listed by HalalTrip:


1) Pineapple Tarts

pineapple tarts

The top of our list is probably the king of sweet goodies! Pineapple tarts have a story behind their place in the list of popular Chinese New Year goodies. In Hokkien and Cantonese, pineapple is translated to “Ong Lai”, which also means “Prosperity come”. On top of that, pineapple tarts are gold, which visually represents giving a “Golden Gift”.

Where to find them: SunnyHills (HC)


2) Love Letters

Nope, it is not what you are thinking right now. Haha. Love letters are biscuits traditionally baked over a charcoal grill with a special mould with really pretty designs. It is a chore to make them but are super tasty. They’re either folded into quarters or rolled. I prefer mine folded to savor the crunchy layers!

Where to find them: Primadeli (HC)


3) Sugee Cookies

The magic behind Sugee cookies is that one unique ingredient - ghee! It’s basically clarified butter, and it is what makes the ball of buttery, crumbly goodness taste good.


4) Kuih Bahulu

kuih bahulu

Image Credit: amrufm, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These traditional Malay cakes are the perfect soft and fluffy bites to enjoy during the Chinese New Year. Try these mini-cakes are indeed a must-try so don't miss out!

Where to find them: Warisan Recipe


5) Kueh Bangkit

kueh bangkit

Image Credit: Midori, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Kueh Bangkit’s a crowd-pleaser for both the young and old, and we can tell why. It melts in the mouth into milk. It’s definitely bound to be found in every house you visit for the Chinese New Year!

Where to find them: Butter Studio Lychee Bangkit


6) Cornflake Cookies

Also enjoyed during the Malay Muslim Aidilfitri festivity, cornflake cookies are number one with the younger ones. These baked cornflakes drenched in butter and honey are very sweet but you can’t help but pop more… and more into your mouth…

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