Bradford: Indulge in The Taste of East While You're in the West

By Imtanan Raja | 30, May, 2018
Bradford: Indulge in The Taste of East While You're in the West

If you want to be home away from home then look no further than Bradford. Bradford holds a diverse community because of its thriving Asian, Eastern European and Caribbean communities. It's no surprise that people travel from all parts of the UK just to tantalise their taste buds. Bradford hosts Pakistani, Indian and South East Asian restaurants at the core of its food republic with some really beautiful cuisines.

You can easily find Halal restaurants in Bradford and thanks to its Muslim-friendliness, it’s rare to find non-Halal places at the core of Bradford. Also, with Bradford boasting as one of the cities with the largest Muslim population in the UK, it's a breeze to wander the streets and enjoy the local flavour they have to offer. The best restaurants in Bradford will not disappoint and they fortunately do not damage the wallet as much.

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1. myLahore

Picture Credit:, MyLahore

I would definitely recommend the Desi Chicken Stir Fry that is served with a special sauce!

From humble beginnings, in Bradford, myLahore has shot up to national fame with branches in a few of the popular cities in England. The original, which is extremely popular among diners from all over the UK, boasts packed out weekends with many hopefuls having to turn their backs and looking for another place to dine or having to wait for an hour (if you’re lucky).

The freshly prepared food is delivered with excellent service and myLahore is the perfect place to enjoy a meal out with a loved one or simply to catch up with a friend. The dishes and tastes vary, allowing a calm weekday meal or a fiery weekend delight. Curries, italian, grilled and veggie dishes are all available on the menu with a cheeky burger menu too. Check out their menu to have a gauge on how wild this restaurant really is! Most importantly, they are Halal-certified.

Tip: You might want to reserve a table if you are planning to dine in on a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday for dinner. Also, they have facilities for Muslims to pray, both men and women.

Cuisine: Pakistani, Italian
Address: 52 Great Horton Road, Bradford, BD7 1AL, England
Opening Hours: 12PM to 12AM (Mondays to Thursdays)
                          12PM to 1AM (Fridays)
                          1PM to 1AM (Saturdays)
                          1PM to 12AM (Sundays)
Price Range: £4.00 and upwards
Reservation: Available
Contact: +4401274 308508

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2. Rawal Kebab House

Pictire Credit:

My personal favourite on the list is the Rawal Kebab House. At this point, you might wonder why is it second, well I’ll get to that, but first get ready to emerge yourself in an amazing food fest.

Nearly every single item from the menu is recommended, ranging from all the different types of cuisines but I would definitely recommend the salt & pepper wings and chips or the Chicken Tikka Masala. The former would definitely get your taste buds bouncing.

Now getting to my point as to why it is second though this is a drooling place it will give a harder punch to your wallet than myLahore, but if you ever travel the UK and you happen to be in Bradford it is highly recommended that you give the Rawal Kebab House a shot! Make sure you devour each and every last piece. 

Tip: They also have a prayer place, convenient for Muslims to pray at anytime of the day.

Cuisine: Pakistani, Indian
Address: 254a Barkerend Road, Bradford, BD3 9DB, England
Opening Hours: 4.30PM to 12.30AM (Everyday)
Price Range: £4.00 and upwards
Reservation: Available
Contact: +4401274 727070


3. Bab Tooma Syrian Restaurant

Picture Credit:, Bab Tooma

A unique fighter amongst the food republic in Bradford which does consist of mainly Pakistani and Indian restaurants is this sweet Syrian place. The Middle Eastern cuisines offered really add a twist in your normal choices of burger and chips offered in the locality. The food is displayed in front of you in an artistic fashion almost with an eloquence.

The prices don’t go above and beyond but are fairly manageable, so long as you’re not planning to pay for 10 people. You can have a nice meal with friends and family here, and enjoy the beautiful decor with it. If you are a fish lover, I would recommend getting the Samak Mashwi!

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Address: 18 Wilton Street, Bradford, BD5 0AX, England
Opening Hours: 12PM to 11PM (Mondays to Saturdays)
                          12PM to 10PM (Sundays)
Price Range: £4.00 and upwards
Reservation: Available
Contact: +4401274921616



4. Cafe de Akbars

One of the elitist in the restaurant category in Bradford, Cafe de Akbars is a true delight. Like myLahore, it is busy as a bee, and it is highly recommended that you make a reservation during the weekends and weekdays to avoid disappointment. Check out their menu first to know exactly what to get!

The monotone colour of the decor doesn’t do its food justice but it does give it a unique charisma compared to the other flamboyant restaurants. This can get a little more on the pricier side but it is still worth every penny. Recommend is the Italian chicken penne, the simple chicken steak or the more extreme chicken tikka masala desi which is made with the chefs special spices.

Tip: Also you need not worry, they offer a place to pray when it comes to prayer times.

Cuisine: Pakistani, Indian, Italian
Address: 1422-1424 Leeds Rd, Bradford, BD3 7AE, England
Opening Hours: 12PM to 12AM (Mondays to Saturdays)
                          2PM to 10PM (Sundays)
Price Range: £4.00 and upwards
Reservation: Available
Contact: +4401274 664005



5. Bangkok Thai Restaurant

The South East Asian inspired place, makes a good contender for Halal places to eat in Bradford, though not every dish maybe halal, majority are. Bangkok Thai is unique in its decor and delivering of food, taken glimpses of what the Japanese do with the serving of their food, the chefs and prepares put an extra effort in making there food look beautiful.

They have seating for groups or couple and loners (just me) too. The Gaeng Phed Gai is recommended but watch out for the bamboo shoots. Certainly, this thai restaurant delivers the best dishes right here in Bradford. The costs for this are in the same ballpark as myLahore, so it won’t be breaking your bank with a trip here. The only major down fall to this place is they may sell alcohol.

Cuisine: Thai
Address: 18 East Parade, Bradford, BD1 5EE, England
Opening Hours: 5PM to 10PM (Tuesdays to Thursdays)
                          12PM to 2PM, 5PM to 11PM (Fridays)
                          5PM to 11PM (Saturdays)
                          2PM to 9.30PM (Sundays)
Price Range: £4.50 and upwards
Reservation: Available
Contact: +4401274 788333

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