The Hague, Netherlands: Your Guide To The Mosques In The Hague

By Sakina Kamrudeen | 06, Sep, 2018
The Hague, Netherlands: Your Guide To The Mosques In The Hague

Are you planning to travel to the Netherlands? The Hague is surely on your ‘to visit’ list. This city, in the province of South Holland, is home to the to the United Nation’s International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. In addition, the Hague has many museums, palaces, and is along the coast offering some fabulous beaches. However, being in Europe, one of the main concerns for Muslim travelers would be the requirement for a Halal food and the location of mosques and prayer places in the vicinity.

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A Guide to The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague offers many Halal food options, which a Google search will yield. And, surprisingly for me, I found that the Hague has many mosques that Muslim travelers can utilize depending on where they are staying during their visit to Den Haag (the Dutch name for The Hague). So, here’s a list of nearby mosques in The Hague for you to say your Friday prayers or simply tour on your Muslim-friendly tour of The Hague.

Faizul-Islam Mosque
al-madinah mosque

Picture Credit: Faizul Islam

Address: Loosduinseweg 851, 2571 AT Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 70 364 2208


Foundation As-Sunnah (As-Soennah) Mosque
as-soennah mosque

Picture Credit: Stichting as-Soennah Facebook

Address: Fruitweg 5, 2525 KE Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 70 389 6960


Mescid-i Aksa Mosque
mescid-i aksa mosque

Picture Credit: Haagsetijden

Address: Wagenstraat 103, 2512 AS Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 70 363 4546

The Hague Muslim Association Noeroel Islam
The Hague Muslim Association Noeroel Islam

Picture Credit: Waterkant

Address: Scheepersstraat 188, 2572 AP Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 70 345 6198

Masjid Al-Hikmah
masjid al-hikmah

Picture Credit:

The only Indonesian MOSQUE in The Hague, which is open to all MUSLIMS, both men and women. It is however, quite small, and the sermons are conducted in Bahasa.

Address: Medlerstraat 4, 2531 HA Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 6 28672813

Mobarak Moskee - Ahmadiyya Moslim Gemeenschap NL
mobarak moskee

Picture Credit: Roel Wijnants, Flickr

This MOSQUE is maintained by the Al Ahmadiyya MUSLIM community and was the first MOSQUE to be built in the Netherlands in 1955. To commemorate the MOSQUE’s golden jubilee, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands visited the Mobarak MOQUE located in The Hague on 3rd June 2006.

Address: Oostduinlaan 79, 2596 JJ Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 70 324 5902

Moskee Anver-E-Mistafa
Moskee Anver-E-Mistafa

Picture Credit: Moskee An War E Mustafa

Maintained by the Welfare Foundation for Muslims (Stichting Welzijn Voor Moslims) in The Hague, an independent organization of Muslims serving the entire Sunni Islamic part of society. The mosque is accessible to all so long as the set rules are observed.

Address: Herschelstraat 21-A-23, 2562 JN Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 70 326 5143

Al Mouhsinin Mosque

Located close to the Den Haag Holland Railway (Spoor) Station and Den Haag Centre (Centrum) in a MUSLIM neighborhood which has enough HALAL restaurants and HALAL Grocers.

Address: Stationsweg 89, 2515 BK Den Haag, Netherlands

Mosque El Islam Foundation
Mosque El Islam Foundation

Picture Credit: Visit My Mosque

This Foundation was founded by the Moroccan community of the Netherlands and the MOSQUE is mainly used by community members and those of Moroccan origin.

Address: Van der Vennestraat 20, 2525 CG Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 70 380 7172

Moskee el Oemma
Moskee el Oemma

Picture Credit: Moskee el Oemma Facebook

This MOSQUE in The Hague welcomes one and all, young and old, to practice the religion of Islam.

Address: Guido Gezellestraat 48, 2524 CM Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 70 750 4337

Moskee El-Fath
moskee el-fath

Picture Credit: Moskee El-Fath

This MOSQUE was built in the 1990s, and is an outstanding architectural building with an impressive dome, lamps and a high tower which is over 19 meters tall located in the municipality of Alphen Aan Den Rijn.

Address: Wouwermanstraat 59, 2525 KN Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 70 388 2600

Moskee Al Ichlaas IGN
moskee al ichlaas ign

Picture Credit: IGN Moskee Al-Ichlaas Facebook

This MOSQUE’s congregation is mainly made up of people from and originating from Suriname. IGN is part of the Dutch Muslim community that mainly comes from Suriname.

Address: 16, Rozenburgstraat Den, 2512 ST Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 6 45091817

Mimar Sinan Mosque

Address: Teniersstraat 13, 2526 NX Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 70 369 9855

Moskee El Mouahidin
Moskee El Mouahidin

Picture Credit: Stichting El Mouahidin Facebook

Address: Deimanstraat 7, 2522 BB Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 70 395 2464

Masjid Annour
masjid annour

Picture Credit: Islamitische uitvaart

Address: De Gaarde 59, 2542 CB Den Haag, Netherlands
Contact: +31 70 309 6518


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