7 Finest Types of Dates for Ramadan Breakfasts

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 22, Mar, 2022
7 Finest Types of Dates for Ramadan Breakfasts

Dates are the most iconic fruit for Muslims because of all the associations we have about them with our Prophet (SAW). Most of us follow the tradition of breaking fast during Ramadan with a date.

We grow up with dates being a staple of Islamic culinary traditions from all over.

However, not all dates are grown equal when it comes to quality. There are certainly some types of dates that stand out with their taste, texture, and overall experience; we can only describe them as fine-quality.

Most of the experts in the field say that the finest quality dates come from North Africa and the Middle East. So, let's explore 7 of the best types of dates for Ramadan and what makes them special.

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1) Medjool Dates

medjool dates

Image Credit: ORGANIChouse, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikipedia Commons

Originally from the Tafilalt region in Morocco, Medjool dates are perhaps the most common types you can find everywhere.

The reason is simple: Medjool dates are the best for their excellent flavor and smooth texture.

Medjool dates are gown everywhere in the Middle East and even the United States of America.

Getting a handle on Medjool dates for your Ramadan breakfast table in your local market should be no big deal


2) Deglet Noor Dates

Deglet Noors are another type of date that you can find anywhere, especially in Algeria. Also known as Royal Dates, this second name should be enough to give you a good impression of this type of dates.

The subtle sweetness, the nutty flavor, and firm texture of Deglets make them a great snack that you can carry around in your bag.

Every once in a while, you reach out to your bag, purse, or whatever you carry around, and you just grab a couple of dates and a nut or almond.

Here's another thing, almonds and nuts taste superb with Deglet Noor for some reason – milk too.


3) Barhi Dates

bahri dates namibia

Image Credit: Ahmed1251985, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bahri dates are extremely sweet and chewy; they taste like a fine candy.

Having one small Barhi date after a whole long day of fasting is stimulates your taste glands like nothing else.

If you're lucky enough, you can get your hands on some freshly-picked Barhis in your local market to put on your Ramadan table and enjoy them with your loved ones.


4) Halawi Dates

Halawi dates are often compared to caramel when it comes to the impression they give. When they first tasted Halawi dates, Westerners had to liken them to something they already knew.

I wonder if Iraqis thought caramel tastes like Halawi dates when they first discovered it. We can never know.

FYI, halawi is Arabic for sweet, which is funny considering all dates are sweet. It can only mean one thing: Halawi dates are extremely sweet.


5) Khadrawi Dates

Khadrawi dates are not as available as the other types above, making them exceptional for date enthusiasts.

If you can get a handle on a bag of Khadrawi dates, you might enjoy their texture better than other types because of their soft, melting flesh.

Khadrawi dates are great dates for baking, as well as juice-sweetening agents. Get rid of sugar; use dates instead!


6) Safawi Dates

safawi dates

Image Credit: India Mart

Safawi Dates originate from the region near the Medina in Saudi Arabia.

These dates have been one of the main components of the traditional Islamic diet during Ramadan ever since the dawn of our religion, making them iconic.

Their cultural significance doesn't overshadow their quality, though. They're also easily recognizable because of their dark color.


7) Mazafati Dates

mazafati dates

Image Credit: Ivar Leidus, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Mazafati Dates are the moistest dates on the list, making them definitely not dry like some of the above types. Mazafati dates are super easy on the mouth; they don't require chewing at all.

The most iconic thing about this type of dates is their unique shape. Rather than looking like regular dates, Mazafati dates look like fresh olives instead.


Bottom line

I hope you enjoy your breakfasts during Ramadan slightly more by including some of these dates in your diet.

Personally, I'm a big fan of Medjool and Deglet Noor dates; I can't get enough of them. But, if you ask me, you should try all of the above seven examples. It won't hurt to buy a little bit of each type.


Cover Image Credit: Ella Olsson on Unsplash

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