[New] First Fatburger Flagship Store in Singapore

By Ridhwan Abu Bakar | 12, Nov, 2020

Bringing the true LA vibes right into the heart of town, the all- American, Hollywood favorite Fatburgers recently opened a new flagship store at Cineleisure Orchard. Near the main entrance.

Address: Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Rd, #01-07, Singapore 239695

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 11 AM to 10 PM


First Flagship Store in Singapore
Fatburgers flagship store Cineleisure Orchard
Fatburgers Cineleisure Orchard Flagship store

This new store is not just any other store, it is the first flagship lifestyle concept store in Singapore! Marrying good food with an interesting dining experience. The store is purposely designed to have a stadium-like feel to it. With wall murals, neon signs decorating the walls, it really feels like you are transported to the streets of Los Angeles. There are even some stadium-benches for you to sit and have your meals on.


What’s good?
Fatburgers Cineleisure Orchard Flagship store

The FAT in Fatburgers actually stands for Fresh, Authentic, and Tasty and it is really reflected in their menu! To achieve this feat, Fatburgers only chooses fresh chicken which is never frozen to pair it with their locally-sourced, freshly-baked artisanal bread. All the goodness, all made-to-order!


Fatburgers The original Cineleisure Orchard flagship store

If you’ve never tried Fatburgers then you’re in for a treat! You have to get The Original burger. Stacked with tasty brioche buns and a thick and juicy grilled beef patty, an assortment of pickles and vegetables topped with homemade relish, it is everything you would want in a burger. 


Fatburgers Hang in there burger cineleisure orchard flagship store

Image Credit: Fatburgers Singapore

Try out their new Hang-In-There OG burger. The Hang-In-There burger is a twist on the fan-favorite The Original. Imagine The Orginal Burger but with Cheese, Egg, Beef Bacon, Chilli and Onion Rings all stacked between the brioche buns! It is only available at the Cineleisure flagship store.


Fatburgers Fish Burger Cineleisure Orchard Flagship store

Image Credit: Fatburgers

*Liked it so much I actually forgot to take a picture of it.

If fish is more your liking, you should try the Fish Burger, the new creation available at the flagship store in Cineleisure. Don’t let the simple name fool you, this burger packs a whopper of a punch in taste. Wrapped in a crispy exterior is the tender (and I mean tender!) codfish patty topped with Homemade Tartar sauce all stacked in between the brioche buns. 

They stand by the claims of its crispiness of the patty and Fatburgers really tested it out. They left the burger out for two straight hours after whipping it up to find that it still retained the desired crispiness. And we truly believe them, even after a significant amount of time after the burger was served to us, it still had that crunch when we finally took a bit out of the burger. Coming from someone who doesn’t enjoy fish, I actually liked how it tastes!


Fatburgers Cineleisure Orchard Flagship Store

“Impossible” is something you’ll exclaim when you had this burger. The environmentally-conscious green warriors among us will definitely appreciate this meat-and-guilt-free IMPOSSIBLE burger. As a matter of fact, even if you’re not, you’d still enjoy the burger because you can hardly tell the difference!

Either it’s irony or it was made for the skinny folks, the SKINNY Burger is made for all the meat-lovers out there! Buns? What Buns? The burger replaces the buns with just patties of beef fresh off the grill


Fatburgers Wall of Fame Cineleisure Orchard Flagship store

Feeling ambitious or maybe just plain hungry, the Quad Burger might be the challenge you're looking for. Order and finish the Quad Burger to receive a certificate and have your picture up on the Wall of Fame. Where everyone will see who the brave souls that have attempted and finished the Quad Burger Challenge are. As the name suggests, the Quad Burger is a burger with four beef patties!


You want some fries with that?
Fatburgers Fries Onion Rings Cineleisure Orchard Flagship Store

Any burger is incomplete with a side of fries to accompany it. Have a go at the crispy potato sticks, salted perfectly with the Fat Fries. Or spice things up a little with the Chili Cheese Fries. Potato No-tato, no problem! Homemade Onion Rings are also available!


Fatburgers Buffalo Wings Cineleisure Flagship store
Fatburgers Buffalo Wings Cineleisure Orchard

Together with Buffalo’s Express, you’ll also find a selection of juicy juicy buffalo wings, available in an assortment of flavors and levels of spiciness! Whether it’s bone-in or boneless, the buffalo wings actually make a great accompaniment alongside the burgers and fries.


Top it all off with some Sweet Treats!
Fatburgers Milkshake Ice Cream Orchard Cineleisure Flagship store

Wrap up your meal with some great sweet treats to round off your meal at Fatburgers. We tried the Churros which comes with a tub of Chocolate or Gula Melaka Sauce. I never knew Gula Melaka actually tastes really good with Churros!

Fatburgers Milkshare Ice Cream Orchard Cineleisure Flagship

Of course, one does not simply go to Fatburgers and not get their fan-favorite hand-scooped ice cream Milkshakes! If you haven’t tried it out yet, you really should get some. It’s just that good! Choose from five different flavors from the classics such as Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry to the Oreo Cookies & Ice Cream and Lotus Biscoff Caramel Cookie Crumble


Opening Exclusive
Fatburgers Cineleisure Orchard Flagship store

To celebrate the launch of the new flagship store, the first 150 customers to spend SGD80 in-store will walk away with a limited edition Fatburger Singapore T-shirt. Only available here!


Star Vista
Fatburgers Cineleisure Orchard flagship store Star Vista December

Fatburgers have announced that there will be a new store opening at Star Vista, Buona Vista. No dates are announced but it is set to open in December 2020!

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