HalalTrip to Bintan with The Syarifs, Nabila Hatifa & Anna Khayalan!

By Halal Trip | 16, Feb, 2017
HalalTrip to Bintan with The Syarifs, Nabila Hatifa & Anna Khayalan!

HalalTrip is pleased to announce the launch of yet another Halal trip to Indonesia - this time to Bintan - with a team of four social media influencers from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The tour with Nabila HatifaAnna KhayalanMalaque Mahdaly & Syarif will take place next week, from the 20th to the 23rd of February, once again providing a unique perspective of Bintan as a Muslim traveler.

Follow their timelines to get real time updates on their activities for the day. Together, we will try our hand at the island’s water sports and activities, explore Bintan's rich mangrove forests on the Mangrove tour and visit the abode of the kings from the last phase of the Malay Kingdom. One of the highlights includes a visit to the newly opened Lantern Park at Lagoi Bay which houses larger than life lanterns, featuring the endangered species of Indonesia.

Come with us as we check out the accommodation offerings in Bintan Resorts that are not only beautiful but also Muslim friendly! Ranging from Nirwana Gardens’ activities packed resorts to the modern Village Resort Grand Lagoi Bintan and lastly glamping at The Canopi, you will be spoilt for choice on your next visit to the island. What’s more, get the scoop on where to find the best Halal food in Bintan. Not to forget, a trip to Bintan’s mosques and the lesser known prayer facilities around shopping and public areas.

Don't forget to follow our Influencers’ journey on their HalalTrip timelines as we escape, unwind and discover Bintan together! 

For real time updates straight from Bintan from 20th to 23rd February, follow HalalTrip on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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