6 Unique Indonesian Food That Would Satisfy Your Taste Buds

By Halal Trip | 22, Aug, 2017
6 Unique Indonesian Food That Would Satisfy Your Taste Buds
Among the many things Indonesia is famous for, Indonesian cuisine stands out in the most special way. Indonesian food culture is quite diverse and incorporates a lot of flavors and food items to create the most interesting dishes. That is why, if you are planning a visit to this part of the world, you might want to make a note of all the delicious Indonesian food that you definitely have to try. Take a look at some of the unique options of the Muslim-friendly dishes that HalalTrip has discovered so you can indulge your taste buds and experience the very best Indonesia has to offer!

1) Soto

If you are looking for traditional food in Indonesia not to be missed, Soto should be on the top of your list. Sometimes considered Indonesia's national dish, Soto is a traditional soup that comes in variations of chicken, mutton, beef and even vegetables. You can even get various accompaniments with your dish - begedil (mashed potato patties), crackers, satay, quail eggs and much more. What's unique about this dish? This dish has diversified greatly within the country, with each city/town creating their own version and varieties by incorporating their specialty ingredients or flavors. One of the most interesting versions that can be found in Indonesia is the Soto Betawi, which is made with a creamy coconut milk base. Sure, it's rich and pretty unhealthy, but it's definitely worth a try.


2) Bakpau

bakpau with chicken fillings

Image Credit: www.masakandapurku.com

Bakpau is a fine example of how other international cuisines, namely Chinese cuisine has influenced the Indonesian food culture. Originally Bakpau refers to a Chinese type of bun mostly filled with minced pork. But due to the large Muslim community in Indonesia, they have made their own unique version offered in minced beef, chicken, vegetarian or even sweet fillings making them some of the simplest, yet delicious Halal Indonesian food to try. Available at most street side vendors, you can easily find these delicious delights, so make sure you grab some to munch along as you explore the wonders of Indonesia.

3) Asinan Sayur

If your taste buds are longing for a tingling sensation, Asinan sayur is an Indonesian delight that you definitely have to try. This dish can be described as a pickled vegetable salad but its unique flavor lies in the dressing. Asinan sayur is Indonesia's version of Korea's kimchi, which we all know has a strong and distinct flavor due to the fermentation process. The ingredients are similar - mainly cabbage and cucumber - and you can find Asinan sayur served in peanut sauce which is deliciously nutty. If you're feeling tangy, a sweet and sour chilli sauce version is also available, which is equally as good. You can easily find this delight at street vendors, or restaurants all over Indonesia.


4) Tahu Gejrot

tahu gejrot from fried tofu
Tofu is often considered to be a poor man’s snack, and it is widely used in all sorts of food items prepared all across Indonesia. One such must eat local foods when you visit Indonesia is Tahu Gejrot. Enjoyed by the locals from young to old, Tahu Gejrot features fried bite-sized tofu soaked in sweet soy and chilli sauce. This delightful snack is served in a unique way - you are not given a fork, spoon or chopstick, but a wooden toothpick. Be sure not to drop these cute goodies while trying to get them into your mouth.

5) Lalab

Yet another of the Muslim-friendly food you should try in Indonesia is Lalab. This refreshing side dish that originated from West Java is a raw vegetable salad consisting of cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, beans, and much more. Perfect for those who are on a diet, this extremely healthy dish is served with a yummy a spicy dipping sauce, more known as Sambal Terasi, that brings out the flavor of the fresh vegetables. It's definitely a different version of a traditional salad, and most people have it as a side dish with their main.

6) Gudeg

one of the most famous gudeg brand, tresno
Image Credit: www.gudegtresno.com

Would you have guessed that Gudeg refers to an unripe jack fruit? It is a delicacy that is boiled for hours in coconut milk, palm sugar and several spices including garlic, galangal and bay leaves. Gudeg is often simply served with white rice, eggs, and chicken, and can be easily found across Indonesia at street vendors and restaurants. Don't be intimidated by its brownish color, it is actually pretty delicious and you can find either a sweet Yogyakarta version or spicy East-Javanese version.
That was our list of some Indonesian food that you should try on your trip to Indonesia. While you're indulging yourself in all-time-favorites satay, bakso and rendang, don't forget to give these 6 unique items a try!

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