Start Your Day Right & Get Organized With These Inspiring Stationery

By Nathasha Wickramasinghe | 20, Aug, 2018
Start Your Day Right & Get Organized With These Inspiring Stationery

It is important to create a great home office or study environment which will motivate you to get things done. So having the perfect stationery such as an organized life planner, a notebook to write down your daily to-do lists or even journal, is key to being inspired and motivated to face the day’s tasks.

May it be cute or minimal; this list of stationery items will help you find the right fix!

1. Mossery

Picture Credit: Mossery

Starting off with a brand which has garnered much popularity amongst the masses for their cute designs and custom options, Mossery has something for everyone!

With a variety of designs ranging from cute flamingos to the minimal monogrammed look, you will not be disappointed. They also make sketchbooks, so if you are into art Mossery sketchbooks are highly recommended.

Mossery also offers up must-have supplies for an organized work place such as pens and pencils, as well as cute pouches and reusable bags.

Price range: USD$19.50 to USD$28.50

2. Sabah Designs

Picture Credit: SabahDesigns

A Muslimah brand available on Etsy, Sabah Designs offers some great stationery options.

They have a very minimal Islamic journal with “Rabbi Zidni ‘Ilma” monogrammed on the cover with rose gold hot tin foil. They also have a “My favourite Duas” notebook as well as a Hajj journal.

You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Price range: SGD 5.00 to SGD 14.00

3. Nikki Strange

Picture Credit: Nikki Strange

Looking for something quirky and fun? Then Nikki Strange is the way to go!

With colourful watercolour prints you will keep going back to your notebook to jot down little somethings and it’ll encourage you to stick to your to-do lists as you won’t be able to look away from these cute books! 

Price range: SGD 9.03 – SGD 24.00

4. Favorite Story

Picture Credit: Favorite Story 

Stay organized with Favorite Story’s stylish handmade personalised planner.

With a sturdy kraft cover, this wire bound planner is ideal for students as well as professionals. It is elegant and minimal and is sure to help you get through a busy day, week, month, or even a year!

Price range: SGD 31.22

5. Imaan Boutique

Picture Credit: Imaan Boutique

Another Muslimah online store, Imann Boutique offers minimal and inspiring stationery in stylish designs!

Imaan Boutique’s notebooks blare out inspirational and motivational quotes such as “Building my empire one dream, scheme and brilliant idea at a time”, or even a simple “Faith”. Now, doesn’t that make you want to own one?!

Also, your cart is going to be full because they have a great buy any 4 for RM 100 offer!

Price Range: RM 26.90

To-do lists, life goals, resolution lists, or even bucket lists - organize your life with these five must-have stationery items!

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