Getting To and Around Bintan Island - Everything You Need to Know

By Halal Trip | 13, Feb, 2017
Getting To and Around Bintan Island - Everything You Need to Know

Find out all you need to know about Bintan for an exciting trip and how travelers can have a Muslim-friendly holiday to Bintan. Bintan is an ideal place for adventure seekers, families and couples who wish to surround themselves in the island’s lush tropical forests, blue skies and beautiful sea. 

Getting to Bintan Island From Singapore

As part of Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago, Bintan can be easily reached from Singapore by private yachts or ferries. Of late, Bintan has become a popular choice for weekend trips from Singapore. Travelling to Bintan is actually quite simple, and getting around the island can be done easily depending on your preferred mode of travel.

Travelers visiting from Singapore’s Changi International Airport can take a 15 minute taxi ride to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal or by public transport for travelers on a budget. Just take the MRT train from Changi Airport station to Tanah Merah station and board Bus 35 to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal – the whole journey would take about an hour. The MRT transit is located at the basement of terminals 2 and 3 at Changi Airport.

There is a regular catamaran ferry service operated by Bintan Resort Ferries (BRF) between Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and Bandar Bentan Telani (BBT), Bintan Resorts’ Ferry Terminal. The journey only takes 50 minutes in total and the food kiosks on board serves Halal food! 

Getting to Bintan Island from Indonesia

Travelers from Batam, Indonesia can take a speed boat from Telaga Punggur to Bandar Bentan Telani Terminal. Tour groups can hire a private charter ferry from BRC tours to Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal!

Getting Around Bintan Island - Best of Bintan tourism


Renting a Car, Hiring a Taxi or Booking a Tour

There are several good reasons to make a quick getaway to Bintan Island with plenty of exciting adventure and water sports for everyone – with some great activities for kids as well. Some of the main attractions and shopping malls of Bintan Island can be reached easily by taxi or a private car. Guests can rent cars with guides from the IndoCar Rental facility which is available at the resorts on Bintan or call a taxi or a private car from WIRA taxi service.

Travelers who prefer sightseeing and immersing in the local culture of Bintan can book a tour with BRC Tours. The tours typically include transportation and often meals at Halal friendly restaurants. Exploring the island on the tours is one of the must-try activities to truly experience the idyllic paradise. Options for island tours range from a day tour at Pulau Penyengat to a half day trek at Gunung Bintan for the adventurous. For a closer experience with nature, go on a mangrove discovery day/night tour or drop by Safari Lagoi where fruits are planted and fish are reared organically.


Bus Shuttle Services

The regular bus shuttle services are also an option for guests. The bus shuttle services provide transport from resorts to Plaza Lagoi and back – guests can get more information on departure timings from the resort they are staying in. There are also bus shuttle services from Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal and Pujasera.


Renting a Scooter

Guests can also rent a scooter from Adventure Scooter – a subsidary of Air Adventures on Bintan Island. Riding a scooter can be a fun and easy way to get around the island, enjoy the great weather and bask in the island scenery. The rental facility is located at The Canopi lobby and a package includes a cell phone for emergencies and a map.


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