Getting To and Getting Around Semboku City, Japan

By Halal Trip | 24, Mar, 2016
Getting To and Getting Around Semboku City, Japan

Planning a trip to Semboku City in Japan? Here’s a guide with everything you need to know in regards to getting to the city and getting around it!

Shinkansen Bullet Train

The most popular mode of transportation to the city is the Shinkansen bullet train. Tourists in Tokyo, Sendai, Akita and Morioka can all use the Shinkansen bullet train to get to the gateway of Semboku, Tazawako Station or the JR Kakunodate Station. The train from Tokyo leaves hourly and takes approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes to JR Kakunodate Station while the journey from Akita to Kakunodate Station will take around 45 minutes. Tourists traveling from Sendai will have to spend around one and a half hours aboard the train, while Morioka to JR Kakunodate Station takes roughly 45 minutes. Those planning on using the bullet train to get to Semboku, should book their seats in advance, as seats on the bullet train need to be reserved. The Japan Rail Pass can also be used to travel on the bullet train.


Visitors planning on getting to the Tazawako Station instead of JR Kakunodate, will take around 15 minutes less from each of the destinations mentioned above, if they travel by Shinkansen bullet train. The station has a bus terminal as well, which is quite convenient for tourists as they can travel by bus to all the top sightseeing spots in the city. The station also houses a tourist information center, which tourists may want to visit for more information regarding sites and travel routes.

Traveling By Car

Another option for tourists would be to travel by car. It is however sure to take much longer to get to Semboku City by road. Especially for those traveling from Tokyo; as they will have to use the expressway and then switch over to the highway from Morioka onwards. Since the travel time from Tokyo to Semboku City is roughly 8 to 9 hours by road, tourists may want to choose to travel by bullet train to get to the city in much less time. While tourists traveling from Akita or Morioka, choosing to travel by road could be considered, as the time taken is not much different from the train.


Once you have reached Semboku City, one of the most beautiful parts of Akita prefecture, tourists will want to explore as much of the city as possible. The city consists of three main towns or areas, which are Tazawako Town, Kakunodate Town and Nishiki Village. Home to hot springs, majestic mountains and wonderful lakes, Semboku has something for everyone, especially those interested in what nature has to offer.

Getting about in the city and visiting the major sites in the city will not be a problem since they are all accessible by road. Tourists could either hop onto one of the buses or travel by car to some of the must-see sites. Certain sites are accessible by foot as well. Since one of the best ways to explore a city is by foot, do take the time to walk around each town and get a closer look at what each has to offer.

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