Glacier Express - Switzerland

By Halal Trip | 25, Apr, 2015
Glacier Express - Switzerland

One of the most scenic train journeys not only in Switzerland but also in the whole world; the Glacier Express travels between two of the most popular mountain resorts in the Swiss Alps, the St. Moritz and Zermatt. The train travels a distance of 180 miles in about 7½ hours. The journey is a day trip that takes visitors through scenic mountains and untouched natural beauty.

The view of the fabulous valleys, deep gorges, and upscale health resorts is just stunning. The train crosses 291 remarkable bridges and 91 tunnels at the speed of 24 mph. often the Glacier Express is called as the "slowest express train" in the world. When the Glacier Express was launched in 1930, it was started as a summer train. Today however the train operates all around the year. During the summers the train runs 4-5 times between the destinations however, during winter it runs just once. The train runs from Zermatt to Brig crossing Disentis and Chur to reach St. Moritz.

The high point of the journey is the Oberalp Pass which is at a height of 2033 m. The Glacier Express features modern coaches with comfortable seating. There are two types of seating, first class, and second class. The Edwardian dining car offers a leisurely three-course meal; you can also buy a variety of snacks and hot and cold beverages on your seat. We suggest that the Halal status of the meals provided in the train be verified by the traveler. You can also opt to carry your own food if you do not wish to dine on the train.

You can plan a holiday in St. Moritz or Davos and Zermatt and opt to travel on the Glacier Express between the two popular ski resorts. The main attraction of traveling on the train is the panorama windows through which you can see the pristine beauty of Switzerland. There are several other trains that run the same route but none allow you to enjoy the fabulous views as much as the Glacier Express offers.

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