GOLD Restaurant: An Immersive and Authentic African Culinary Gem

By Halal Trip | 12, Jan, 2024
GOLD Restaurant: An Immersive and Authentic African Culinary Gem

Whether you are a local or a traveler who comes from overseas, good food is what ties people together and is universally agreed upon by everyone. Traveling is only a complete experience when you are fully immersed in your destination. Not only the attractions and heritage, but food may also speak to people and tell the story of history. 

Introducing GOLD Restaurant, the perfect restaurant that serves delectable African cuisines with a touch of culture that will fulfill and exceed your expectations. GOLD Restaurant is now also accredited with a rating of by CrescentRating based on the halal food that is available to guests, making it the perfect stop for Muslim visitors who are craving a local authentic dish with great quality and assured halalness.

The CrescentRating system provides a rating for restaurants based on their overall Halal-friendliness, with C being the lowest rating and AAA being the highest rating. Factors regarding the availability of halal food, the ability to cater to Halal standards, and other Muslim-friendly factors into consideration, giving Muslim visitors peace of mind while dining according to their beliefs.

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About GOLS Restaurantgold restaurant staff

Image Credit: GOLD Restaurant

Located in the capital of South Africa, Cape Town, GOLD Restaurant is a culinary gem that offers not only a place to grab a meal but an extensive gastronomic journey through the sensory experience and authentic yet diverse flavors of Africa. All the cuisines at GOLD Restaurant are curated and selected by their local staff, bringing their favorite dishes from all over Africa to the table for everyone to try.

Much more than just a typical African restaurant, GOLD Restaurant offers an immersive experience with live entertainment, ethnic decoration, friendly and knowledgeable service, and an overall warm yet inviting atmosphere, ensuring every guest feels integrated into the community while allowing them to learn more about the dishes, culture, and the story behind them.

Aside from the delightful Halal dishes and immersive experiences, GOLD Restaurant also cares for the community by giving back to the communities and donating their excess food. Suitable for people who want to care for the community and the environment!


Menugold restaurant menu

Image Credit: GOLD Restaurant

From North Africa to southern and sub-Saharan Africa, the cuisine offered by GOLD Restaurant mirrors this rich tapestry. Bringing authentic local favorites, African foods are best enjoyed by sharing them with significant others, such as family and friends, just like the locals do. Available on a 14-dish set menu, the meal is cooked using different techniques while infusing a variety of spices to ensure the genuineness of each dish. Allowing each guest to try out the diverse tastes and textures while discovering more about each meal’s history, origin, techniques, and spices.

Some of the most popular dishes that are offered in the 14-dish set menu* (and its alternatives) shared portions, which include:

  1. Namibian seared ostrich fillet salad with toasted seeds / Summer garden salad with toasted seeds
  2. South African roosterkoek / Cassava toast
  3. Cape Town snoek pate / Ethiopian spiced carrot pate
  4. Xhosa imfino patties
  5. Malawi sweet potato cakes
  6. Mozambiquan piri piri chicken wings / South African pea and potato samoosas
  7. Zimbabwe amasi herb dip / Egyptian butterbean mash with Dukkah
  8. Zanzibar linefish curry with coconut / Zanzibar vegetable curry with coconut 
  9. South African venison tomato bredie / Eyptian spicy lentils / South African lentil bobotie
  10. Northwest African sorgham with cauliflower
  11. East African kuchumbari
  12. Moroccan chicken almond pie (Pastilla) / Moroccan chickpea filo pie (Pastilla)
  13. Cape Town cardamom and cinnamon spiced ice cream / Cape Town vegan chocolate ice cream 
  14. Cape Malay karamonk biscuit / Seasonal fruit platter

*additional orders of any dish on the set menu are available in both communal and individual servings.

gold restaurant dishes

Image Credit: GOLD Restaurant

Contrary to popular belief, traditional African cuisine emphasizes the use of fresh produce, organic whole grains, and other healthy ingredients, and the menus that are offered in GOLD reflect the healthy nature of the dishes. Making it a must-try as well as a healthy alternative to enjoy during your visit. 

As GOLD Restaurant is accredited in terms of halalness by CrescentRating, each dish is cooked using halal-certified ingredients. Got allergies? They also have a designated plant-based menu and other substitutes, ensuring that everyone will be able to dine and enjoy the festivities!

Price: R475 (South African Rand) per person + 10% service fee (children 12 and under are charged at 50%).


Traditional Entertainmentdjembe drums

Image Credit: GOLD Restaurant

Some of the main highlights for guests during their visits are the entertainment, which involves djembe drum sessions, traditional Mali puppets, and other forms of fun yet unique entertainment. 

In 2024, GOLD Restaurant is offering an interactive djembe drumming experience that guests could choose to participate in, followed by a traditional hand-washing ceremony that is priced at R130 per person (for 30 minutes; 06.30–07.00 PM).

live entertainment

Image Credit: GOLD Restaurant

During dinner service (07.15 PM), which involves the 14-dish mouthwatering set menu, a series of live African short performances (roving entertainment) are available for guests to enjoy for free, accompanying guests during the evening course (starts at 07.30 PM).

With these live traditional entertainments, guests are treated to a unique dining experience where they can also participate and join the fun!


Venue and Addressgold restaurant rooms

Image Credit: GOLD Restaurant

With a welcoming ambiance and the hands-on participation of the team in every detail of the interior, GOLD Restaurant is a popular choice for visitors who are craving authentic dishes and experiences. Therefore, prior reservations are recommended for the dining experience. Private intimate events (in private dining rooms) or bigger celebrations such as conferences and weddings (GOLD Venue) are available upon request.

GOLD Restaurant

  • Address: 15 Bennett Street, Green Point, 8005, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 06.30–11.00 PM
  • Tel: +27 (0) 21 421 4653
  • WhatsApp: +27 (0) 73 218 9369

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