Great Libraries in Jakarta to do your Readings and Work

By Muhammad Jodi Pratama | 02, Jun, 2022

After the conditions that force working from home to be a habit, some of you might want some shift in the environment to boost productivity as working at home might be boring at some point, and cafes have been scientifically proven not to promote the ideal working environment (not my words). Therefore, doing some readings and work in libraries could be a fun alternative!

Libraries don't always need to have a rigid and boring atmosphere, they could also promote a cozy environment, and great architecture, with complete collections that could propel their visitors to their optimal condition. So check out the list of some libraries that could make its visitors feel at home, in a good mood, and get a good experience during their visit. 


1. National Library of the Republic of Indonesia (Perpusnas)

National Library of the Republic of Indonesia

Image Credit: Scarf Media

The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia commonly known as Perpusnas, is best known as the tallest library in the world with a total height of 126.3 meters, consisting of 27 floors complete with facilities and collections. The library was completed in 1980 before undergoing major renovations and reopened in 2017. The library currently serves a number of book collections (both physical and digital) as well as other facilities such as theaters, audiovisual services, data centers, and more. The library not only serves members of a particular scientific association but also serves every member of society and groups. Suitable for you who seek knowledge in a comfortable environment.

Address: Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 11, Central Jakarta City

Opening Hours: Weekdays 8.00 AM - 4.00 PM, Weekends 9.00 AM - 3.30 PM

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2. Freedom Library

Freedom Library is a cozy and quiet library that would be suitable for you who need a tranquil and homey atmosphere. The library is also styled in an industrial design combined with warm tones. It is also home to thousands of collections in different fields of knowledge, ranging from humanities to international relations. You can also find local and international journals for your scientific references. You’ll never run out of reading materials here.

Address: Wisma Bakrie, Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said No.11, South Jakarta City

Opening Hours: Weekdays 9.00 AM - 4.00 PM

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3. Erasmus Huis Library

Erasmus Huis Library

Image Credit: The Netherlands and you

Sleek, open, and modern. That’s how the library position itself in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. Although it is located in the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands complex, the library is open to the general public. It also consists of an extensive collection that includes both Dutch and Indonesian pieces of literature in different genres. With its open space concept, visitors are also able to hold discussions, meetings, or seminars in its designated space.

Address: Jl.Haji R. Rasuna Said Blok C No.3, South Jakarta City

Opening Hours: Weekdays 11 AM - 9 PM, Saturday 11 AM - 7 PM, Sunday 11 AM - 3 PM

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4. Habibie and Ainun Library

Mr. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie was an Indonesian engineer and politician who was also the third president of Indonesia. Throughout his life, he has left numerous legacies through knowledge and invention even right before his death. To honor his legacies and inherit his spirit, the library in Wisma Habibie was then expected to be opened to the public at his request before he died. The library radiate warmness and is full of history, therefore is worth checking out! However, due to some limitations please also make sure to do membership online registration before your visit.

Address: Jl. Patra Kuningan XIII Blok L15/7 No.5, South Jakarta City

Opening Hours: Reservation required.



5. Crystal of Knowledge, Universitas Indonesia

Crystal of Knowledge, Library of the Universitas Indonesia

Image Credit: Juleebrarian

Although it is located near Jakarta, the beauty and charm of this library made it one of the must-visit libraries for its visitors! The library is currently one of the biggest in Asia and is located near the university lake and is home to millions of collections of different kinds. The library is also packed with facilities such as cafes, coworking spaces, canteens, a bank, meeting rooms, Kebun apple (computer lab consisting of macs, hence called Kebun apple), and other facilities. The library and all of its facilities are currently open to both students and the general public (by paying Rp5000 per visit). With its numerous desks and design, you will definitely lose track of time on your visit!

Address: Universitas Indonesia Main Campus, Depok

Opening Hours: Weekdays 9 AM - 3 PM

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6. Library of Goethe-Institut

Library of Goethe-Institut

Image Credit: Goethe-Institut

The Library of Goethe-Institut is a library that also functions as a German cultural center in Indonesia. Aside from the huge collections of books and media that are open to the public, the library also provides other services and facilities which include German courses and exams, a lending service, a digital library, a translation program, and even game rooms! To enter you’ll need to pay a membership fee of Rp50.000/year (or free if you are a student in the Goethe Institut). Currently, the library membership is only for people who live in Greater Jakarta, so make sure to check on the regulations before arriving.

Address: Jl. Dr. GSSJ Ratulangi No.9, Central Jakarta City

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

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So, which one are you visiting this week?

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