A Guide to Getting your English Breakfast Fix in London

By Lili Lengkana | 14, Mar, 2018
A Guide to Getting your English Breakfast Fix in London

Have you ever tried an authentic English Breakfast in its country of origin? You’ve probably tried to make one yourself using halal ingredients. While it's true that it used to be quite difficult to find a halal one in Britain, today there's no reason for us as Muslims to try an authentic English Breakfast in non-halal restaurants any more, since it's now easy to find a halal one, Alhamdulillaah.

Why isn't a regular English Breakfast halal? Actually, only the bacon rashers and sausages (usually made from bacon, or non-halal slaughtered meat) in the dish aren't halal. The rest of it is halal, inshaa Allaah, such as sunny-side eggs, french toast, hash browns (potato fries), baked beans, baked tomatoes and sautéed mushrooms. However, the problem is that they are all served in the same plate with the meat products, so it's not halal. Khalas!!

Yet, fret not my friends. If you are roaming London, you can now try this pride of Britain in the places that are Halal-Friendly for Muslims, Alhamdulillaah. Today there are many sites providing information on halal food establishments that've been set up to assist Muslims coming to or residing in many cities in Britain, but this time we'll be focusing on London. 



The following are the top 5 places to try this national dish, based on halal website reviews, that you could visit in London.


1. Grounded Coffee Company, London

Picture Credit - steakandteeth.com

One popular place with high reviews is the Grounded Coffee Company at 9 Whitechapel Road, London E1. They open every day from 8am - 10pm, which is indeed an ideal opening time in the morning to try English Breakfast. All ingredients that they use are halal and they are not serving alcohol on the premise, Inshaa Allaah

Address: 9 Whitechapel Road, London, United Kingdom
Opening hours: 7AM to 8PM (Mon-Fri)
                         7.30AM to 8PM (Sat-Sun)
+44 20 7377 1703


2. Moral Cafe, London

Picture Credit - halalfoodguy.co.uk

The Halal Food Guy website awarded a 4 star review to this restaurant. Even though it is a Turkish Restaurant, their Halal English Breakfast stays true to the original one. 

Address:  313 High Road, Ilford IG1 1NR, London.
Opening Hours: 7am to 5pm


3. MEDS, London

Picture Credit - hijablicious.com

When you jump into your search engine and type Halal Breakfast in London, among the top results that come up is a restaurant called MEDS. This restaurant earned its position due to their generous portions served at a reasonable price. 

Address: 37 Burdett Rd, London E3 4TN, UK
Opening Hours: 8am to 5pm
Contact: +44 20 8980 4088



4. Drunch, London

Picture credit - instagram.com/drunch

Drunch received a 5 star ratings from The Netizen. Furthermore, this restaurant was even ranked at number 6 among all the restaurants in London which is very impressive. Alhamdulillah, they serve halal English Breakfast in their menu. They are located near the most famous street of London for shopping, i.e. Oxford Street. Mon - Fri 11:00 - 23:30, Sat - Sun 12:00 - 23:30.

Address: 1 Woodstock St, Mayfair, London W1C 2AA, UK
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri - 11am to 12am, Sat 12pm - 12am, Sun: 12pm to 11pm
Contact: 020 7495 2020
Website: drunch.co.uk

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5. Farmacy Kitchen

Picture credit - instagram.com/farmacyuk

Last but not least, why not try a halal and healthy Vegan English Breakfast at Farmacy in Westbourne Grove, London, my personal top of the list. They substitute the meat produce with fresh avocados and big sauteed mushrooms, and the taste is delicious and yummy, too. However, take a note of their opening time since they have a break every afternoon.

Address: 74 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH, UK
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri - 9am to 5pm, 6pm to 10pm / Sat 9am to 4pm, 6pm to 10pm / Sunday 9am to 4pm, 6pm to 9.30pm
Contact: +44 20 7221 0705
Website: http://farmacylondon.com/

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