Guide to Finding Halal food in Switzerland

By Halal Trip | 23, Nov, 2015
Guide to Finding Halal food in Switzerland
Mostly known for its delicious, creamy, chocolates and gorgeous landscapes, Switzerland is a gem like no other. With snow tipped mountains, lush greenery and azure lakes, you inhale paradise and exhale contentment. Actually rated the happiest country in the world according to the 2015 World Happiness Report, this place is most definitely worth a visit! .

Islam in Switzerland

Islam in Switzerland has been on the rise since the first mosque was built in Zurich in 1963. Due to immigration, the numbers have quintupled in the following thirty years. The country is incredible accommodating in allowing mosques to be built freely, enabling plenty of Muslim-friendly facilities. Even though a law passed in 2009 stated that no new minarets can be built, the number of mosques continue to grow in buildings that sometimes double as Islamic centers. Given the evenly spread Muslim population in Switzerland, Muslim facilities and Halal food in Switzerland are easily available. .

Halal food in Switzerland

Although Zurich is better known, Bern is actually the capital of Switzerland. And even though it is less populated than Zurich, it has beauty in its own right. The Gurten is a developed summit meant for outdoor leisure, a short tram ride from the town. Enjoy the sunshine – or skiing, if the snow has reached the low peak, the views, hiking, or cycling on the tracks provided. All the Halal restaurants in Bern are concentrated towards the south, so even though there are restaurants available at the summit, eat at your own risk. Furkan Metzgerei and Palmyra Restaurant are some of those that serve Turkish cuisine. Taste familiar flavours at Welcome India House, Curry King and Kashmir Indian Restaurant, amongst others. Domino Café Restaurant serves Lebanese food, while Konizer Pizzeria has Italian. There are currently seven registered Islamic centers or mosques in Bern, making travelling in the area easy for Muslim tourists. Zurich boasts more activities, given that more tourists visit the city. Paddle a boat on Zurich Lake – enjoying the scenery as you burn calories, explore the wilderness in Wildnispark, or take a trip to the zoo, where the latest attraction is the elephant park. The best Halal restaurants in Zurich are: Mohini – vegetarian, however, it does serve alcohol; Taj Palace – which offers fast selling Halal meat, so pre-order the lamb to make sure you get some; Yalla Habibi – a Lebanese restaurant; My Kitchen – which offers Malaysian cuisine and sushi in a cosy atmosphere; and New Point – whose Oriental, Mediterranean and Turkish specialties are finger-licking good! You can also try Bombay Karachi, La Vita Café, and Pizza Flizza for more Halal food in Zurich. Zurich hosts a wide range of mosques and Islamic centers as well, which can be used when necessary. Lounge about at Bains des Pâquis in Geneva and soak up the atmosphere – a public swimming bath on Lake Geneva that is so much more, marvel at the height of the Jet d’Eau – a water fountain so high that it can be seen from the plane, or try your hand at paddleboarding on the lake, amid other water sports. Drop in at Be Tacos, Ali Baba Café, Restaurant Bombay or Shahi for some of the best Halal food in Geneva. The locality also offers prayer facilities for Muslims. . Halal food is available even lesser known cities like Basel, Aargau, Fribourg, Luzern, Scafthausen, Solothum, Ticino, Valais, and Vaud that all have their own beauty and scenic views to offer as well.  With the number of halal eating places and masjids growing in Switzerland, it makes for a relaxing and smooth travel, and the breathtaking sights all the more enjoyable. .

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