A Muslim’s Guide to the Top Halal Indian & Pakistani Food in London

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 03, Jun, 2021
Top Halal Indian & Pakistani Food in London

London is a culturally rich city where people from different backgrounds embrace each other's diversity and live in harmony. Naturally, this makes London a perfect city for tasting international cuisine. Halal cuisine in London is not something rare. In fact; there are more than 2,300 Halal restaurants all over London, most notably restaurants that serve Indian and Pakistani food.

Halal Indian and Pakistani restaurants are among the most popular choices in London for Muslims. while in the city, you can always drop by an Indian or Pakistani restaurant to enjoy halal meals like nihari. To help you navigate through the halal restaurants in London, I highly suggest that you download the Halal Trip app, which is a must-have for Muslim travelers. The Halal Trip app can also help you spot the qiblah direction and mosques wherever you are.

Now, here’s the Muslim’s guide to the Top Halal Indian & Pakistani Food in London. We will explore the top spots in London from the north to the south.

Note: We made sure that the restaurants listed are Halal / Muslim-Friendly, to the best of our ability. If doubtful, we advise you to check with the staff to ensure that the food is Halal, for that extra peace of mind.


Top Halal Indian & Pakistani Restaurants in Central London
Halal Pakistani and Indian Food London

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Amaya Restaurant

For a fine dining experience, Amaya in Knightsbridge is a stylish, fantastic restaurant with a nice selection of dishes on its menu. Founded by the author of 50 Great Curries of India — Camilla Punjabi, Amaya Restaurant promises a sophisticated dinner with its open grill. For those of you who want affordable high-end options, check out the Sunday lunch set menu.


Kama by Vineet Bhatia

Located in Lincoln Street, Kama by Vineet Bhatia serves an exceptional fusion of traditional Indian cuisine and nouvelle cuisine. The founder, Vineet Bhatia (who is a Michelin Star), is quite a culinary artist. Bhatia is known for its daring combinations of flavors.


Mai’da Restaurant

Located in Bethnal Green Road, Mai'da is a certified halal restaurant that offers an excellent selection of mouth-watering Indian dishes at reasonable prices. Mai'da Restaurant boasts a perfect menu of a wide selection of Indian cuisine. Make sure to try the tandoori lamb and chicken; it’s super-tasty.

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Top Halal Indian & Pakistani Restaurants in North London
Halal Indian and Pakistani Food London

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Salims Restaurant

For those of you who are looking for something fancy, Salims Restaurant in Turnpike Lane is a must-visit. Salims offers the best selection of Indian and Pakistani food in North London. If you’re into the traditional, creamy, and spicy Pakistani dishes, look no further than Salim’s.


Lahori Nihaari London Restaurant

Located in northeast London at Upton Park, Lahori Nihaari is the perfect family-friendly spot to taste Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The locals usually visit Lahori Nihari after the Friday prayer with their families to eat the nihari which is excellent there. The menu of Lahori Nihari sheds light on lesser-known Pakistani meals such as bhindi, gosht, and aloo qeema. The restaurant offers diverse choices that suit everyone.


Majjos Restaurant

For those who want something a little bit less spicy, Majjos in East Finchley is an excellent choice where you may taste meals that aren’t typically served in similar restaurants.


Top Halal Indian & Pakistani Restaurants in West London
Halal Indian & Pakistani food London

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Royal Nawaab Resaturant

Situated in the Art-Deco Hoover Building Perivale, Royal Nawaab boasts an impressive range of Pakistani dishes, sweets, and bread. The Nihari, Paratha, Gajar Ka Halwa, and Kher are certainly the highlights of this restaurant's menu, but, there are also Italian, Chinese, and other international cuisine choices for people who are more open to a culturally diverse lunch. Royal Nawaab is a popular spot among the Muslim community during Ramadan; it's where many families enjoy their meals.


Gifto’s Lahore Karahi Restaurant

Standing charmingly at the end of Southall’s market, Gifto’s Lahore Karahi serves traditional Pakistani-style food. The tandoori grilled meats are an iconic mouth-watering meal of this iconic restaurant.


Khan’s Restaurant

With over 40 years of service, Khan’s (located in Queensway) is one of the top popular family halal restaurants in London. The Tandoori Mixed Grill, fresh Naan, and Butter Chicken are excellent dishes that truly impact the senses in the best possible ways. Their Kulfi ice cream, which is an after-dinner treat, is a dessert that you don’t want to miss. Khan’s is simply one of the best Halal Pakistani restaurants in London.

Halal Indian Pakistani food in London

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Enjoy your culinary trip around the halal Indian and Pakistani food in London. Make sure to install the HalalTrip app for easy navigation across the mosques and halal restaurants of London.

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