Top 10 Enchanting Things To Do In The Capital of Oman, Muscat

By Abdelhakim El Moene | 03, Mar, 2021
Top 10 Enchanting Things To Do In The Capital of Oman, Muscat

Welcome and marhaba to Muscat, Oman. The city that once gave its name to the country, now symbolizes all of its glory, history, and heritage.

Muscat is located on the gulf of Oman Coast, surrounded by rugged plutonic mountains that almost melt in the scorching heat of Arabia. That, however, makes this city a perfect destination for an Arabian Nights lover, and one of the best Muslim-friendly holiday spots!

We present to you 10 best things to do in Muscat:


1. Visit Sultan Qaboos Grand MosqueVisit Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Image Credit: AlKhatab Al-Saqri on Unsplash

A Muslim’s journey always starts and ends in a mosque where the connection with divinity feeds the soul. The grand mosque of Sultan Qaboos is such an amazing religious construction that inspires awe in the beholder. With a capacity of 25,000, the size of this mosque is but one aspect of its grandeur. Up until a certain time, this mosque was home to the largest carpet and chandelier in the world!

As Muscat’s most iconic mosque, the interior of Sultan Qaboos Grand mosque does not fail to display the quality and level of precision and detail in decorating the walls and pillars of this holy place. The tile work and mosaics are astounding and flawless, to say the least. The mosque is open for non-Muslim visitors too! Of course, everyone is entitled to a chance of spirituality while seeking leisure in life.


2. Discover Omani art at the Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House in Muscat is the hub of almost all artistic activity in Oman. The building itself is an amazing construction that features traditional arabesque architecture, and houses theatres, auditoriums, and restaurants. If you are lucky enough during your stay in Muscat, you may get a chance to attend an enchanting performance of the local arts.

Check out Royal Opera House website here.


3. Explore Bait Al Zubair Museum

Your visit to Muscat would be made much more exciting if you visit the museum of Bait Al Zubair. Located in Old Muscat, this museum is a heritage and cultural foundation that aims at maintaining Omani cultural and historic values.

The museum displays thousands of artifacts: ancient weaponry, costumes, and household equipment. This reflects the Omanis’ disposition to preserve their cultural identity, and they are right to do so; there is so much authenticity and connection with an old prosperous past in this corner of the world.


4. See Muttrah FortSee Muttrah Fort

Image Credit: Musab Al Rawahi on Unsplash

Built by the Portuguese in the harbor of Muttrah in Old Muscat during the 16th century, the Muttrah fort is one of the most visited sites in Oman. It sits on top of a mountain overlooking the sea and offers beautiful broad views. The fort has a giant tower supported by two walls that whirl along each of its sides in the fashion of China’s great wall, making it a great place to visit! 

Of course, this fort is but one of many ancient defensive structures such as the Fort of Sohar in the south and Ar Rustaq that have endured centuries of time and that continue to fascinate visitors here in Muscat.


5. Swim at Qurum Beach

When in Oman, seize the chance to get a feel of the beaches in Arabia. Qurum beach in Muscat is a beautiful clear-water beach, and a great chance to spice up your visit. The weather is generally a hot one here, a really hot one! But this makes the sea waters all the more inviting. 

You’d find it quite useful to spend some quality time at the beach. There are watersport activities here that could be very appealing to you: jet skiing, parasailing and kayaking, and so much more to excite your lust for adventure and good moments!


6. Go Arabian shopping at Muttrah Souq

Your Arabian journey would not be quite complete without a shopping experience at one of the local souqs. We recommend you visit the souq of Muttrah, one of Muscat’s best shopping locations. This place is a lively colorful market, full of goods and all sorts of commodities, from clothing to jewelry, spices and incense, antiques, and souvenirs. Commercial activity has never ceased here (and it’s been over 200 years)! If you prefer to just watch, there is so much for your eyes to discover as you walk the narrow streets of this marketplace.


7. Sail the Arabian sea in MuscatSail the Arabian sea in Muscat

Image Credit: Adil Riyami on Unsplash

Sailing and boat cruises are one of the best things to do in Muscat. There are vast seas here that await to be sailed and explored by anyone adventurous enough to subdue the winds of the Arabian sea.

Going on a boat cruise in these parts of the world must have something special about it. Perhaps, it is the history and the legends that give a place its charm. Retrace the steps of Sinbad the Sailor and be part of the legends!

If you like dolphins – and who doesn’t – there are dolphin-watch boat cruises that you can go on to watch the dolphins. And why not go swimming with them?


8. Savor the Omani food

Treating yourself to good food while on a holiday is a well-earned comfort. This time, we have prepared for you, in the form of delicious words, some of Oman’s most popular and delicious dishes. Let us feast!

The first choice on our menu would be Majboos: an ample rice and meat dish seasoned with saffron and cardamom, you will not skip over this choice!

The next choice is Mushaltat: a soft thin bread stuffed with honey, meat, and cheese, excellent choice!

Our last choice, but not least, is the Omani Halwa: a sticky sweet dessert made of brown sugar, honey, eggs, and different spices, the taste is quite special, it is worth a try!


9. Meet the Sultan at Al Alam Palace

Al Alam Palace is the main ceremonial palace in the Sultanate of Oman. This palace has a splendor of its own, seen in its giant marble surface polished in gold and blue flowing harmoniously with its elegant design.

Although visitors are not allowed in, a walk around this palace is quite worth it. The palace has hosted many dignitaries such as the Queen of England and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. You are by no means less welcome than royalty in Oman!


10. See the nearby attractions: Bimmah Sinkhole and NizwaSee the nearby attractions: Bimmah Sinkhole and Nizwa

Image Credit: Katerina Kerdi on Unsplash

The Bimmah Sinkhole is a natural beauty. A big hole, clear blue waters, the hot sun, and a thirsty adventurous traveler (that’s you!): the perfect ingredients of a memorable fun moment. Within less than an hour from Muscat, you can experience that fun moment!

Nizwa is located 165km from Muscat. It was once Oman’s Capital city and is now a very popular tourist destination with its ancient forts, vast oases, valleys and waterfalls, bustling souqs, and a laid-back Arabian vibe that will make you mellow out at every moment.

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