A Muslim's Travel Guide to Wakatobi Islands, Indonesia

By Riri Anggraheni Eka Rimandasari | 19, Mar, 2018
A Muslim's Travel Guide to Wakatobi Islands, Indonesia

Looking for an escape? Feel bummed out and burned out? After a prolonged period of stress or a broken heart, maybe you should relieve yourself by having something to look forward to: a few hours to explore the world. So, if you're dreaming of travelling to paradise to get an escape, here's a solution: book a trip to Wakatobi.  If you're thinking, "but is Wakatobi Muslim-friendly?" Don’t worry, Halal Trip is here to help you find what you need!

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Clear Your Mind at Kampung Bajo Mantigola

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If you are a culture and nature lover, then you should visit Kampung Bajo Mantigola. Ideal for relaxing, this place will help you get to know yourself better, to listen to yourself and to find yourself. Here, you can watch the beautiful sunset as the tide goes down, and this results in an amazing, postcard-like scenery. The locals are friendly, the food is good, and there’s an endless list of places to go to. Before you book a trip to Wakatobi, you should get a Wakatobi Map and learn about the accomodations, so you won’t get confused. 

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If you aren't planning to spend the night in Kampung Bajo, there are resorts and hotels nearby. Check out these Hotels in Wakatobi!

Sahid Patuna Hotels & Resorts

Picture credit - www.sahidhotels.com

Address: Jl. Ir. Soekarno No.1, Wangi-wangi, Wakatobi Islands, 93791 Wanci, Indonesia
Contact: +628114002221
Website: http://www.sahidhotels.com/patuno-resort-wakatobi
Email: [email protected]
Price: Rp.600.000,- (Based on average rates for a standard room)

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Hoga Homestay

Picture Credit - hoga-kaledupa.com

Address: Hoga Island, Kaledupa, Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, 93791
Website: https://hoga-kaledupa.com/kaledupa-island-homestay/
Price: Rp.660.000,- (Based on average rates for a standard room)
Contact: +62 811 4003 473


Snorkeling and Diving to lift your spirits

Picture credit - www.wakatobi.com

What helps lift your spirits when you're feeling down? Shopping, singing? Why not try new experiences like snorkeling and diving - solo - in Wakatobi. Sounds great, right? Wakatobi is an ideal place for snorkellers and scuba divers. Can you imagine, Wakatobi's House Reef is a beautiful snorkelling spot offering views of myriad marine creatures, and many dive sites have exquisite shallows on the coral tops. Snorkeling and diving can have a calming effect, reminding us to slow down, take deep breaths and soak up the glory of the present. Furthermore, along with with the stunning sunsets, wonderful beaches and incredible cuisine, Wakatobi can be an ideal romantic holiday destination, too.

Wakatobi Dive Resort

Address: Lamanggau, Tomia, Wakatobi Regency, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 759669
Opening hours (Office): 6am to 12am
Price Range: USD $110 - 225

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If you feel hungry after snorkeling, here's where you can find some Halal Food near you:

WarKop Sombu Dive

Picture credit - dilokasi.com

Address: Jl. Poros Sombu | Sombu Dive Plaza, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia
Contact: +62 821-9324-1116
Price: Rp.20.000-Rp.100.000 (Based on menu)


Wasabinua Resto

Picture Credit - facebook.com/wasabinuahotelresort

Address: Jl. Poros Sombu Bandara No.5 Desa Wangi-Wangi, Wakatobi District, Southeast Sulawesi 93791
Contact: (021) 8972618
Open: 24 hours
Price: Rp.150.000 - Rp.200.000


Kopi Paste Coffeeshop

Picture Credit - instagram.com/kopipaste_corner

Address: Jl. Ahmad Yani, Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia
Contact: +62 821-9077-9533
Open: 24 hours
Price: Rp.25.000-Rp.200.000

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Kayak, Sail and Kite Surf

Picture credit - wakatobi.com

Want to get more experiences when travelling alone? You should try Kayaking, Sailing, and Kite Surfing. All the activity equipment can be rented. Don’t be shy, just ask the locals about the water activities and enjoy every second of your Wakatobi travels. You can also try these activities for family holidays, it'd be fun! Many of Wakatobi's visitors often realise that Wakatobi has landscapes that you’ll find only in fairy tales. From beaches to lush green fields, Wakatobi is a dream-like paradise offering a fantasy-like experience.

Watch Dolphins play

Picture Credit - indocelebandnews.blogspot.sg

Wake up early and watch the dolphins! Yes, you can see the cute dolphins swimming around the Wakatobi Marine Park. You can ask the locals to predict when they are coming, but most of the time they’ll be swimming close to the islands between 6 AM to 7 AM. Else, you can smell the fresh air, watch the sunrise, embrace the quiet. There is no doubt that Muslims who travel to Wakatobi Islands will find that Wakatobi is a fascinating destination.

What's more, you can find mosques and prayer places nearby in Wakatobi:

Masjid Keraton Liya Togo

Address: Liya Togo, Wangi-Wangi Selatan, Liya Mawi, Wakatobi District, Southeast Sulawesi, 93795

Masjid Nurul Haq

Picture Credit - tribratanews.sultra.polri.go.id

Address: Mandati II, Wangi-Wangi, Wakatobi District, Southeast Sulawesi 93795

Pamper yourself on a trip to Wakatobi, along with more opportunities to process your thoughts and feelings. Step out into that beautiful world of Mother Nature that surrounds you and allow yourself to take in all her majestic beauty and wonders. Always check Halal Trip for more wonderful insights and ideas for Halal Travel!

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