Halal Buffets for your Next Feast in Manchester

By Hooria Tahir | 19, Jul, 2022
Halal Buffets for your Next Feast in Manchester

Are you in search of some Halal food in Manchester? Well, you are in luck. There are plenty of Halal buffets to choose from in Manchester. Several restaurants in Manchester are Halal-certified. Serving everything from burgers to Lebanese, it was difficult for us to select the best ones. 

To present you with the best Halal restaurants in Manchester, UK, we thoroughly examined this list from some of the most trustworthy and reputable review sources. 

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Image Credit: Benjamin Ashton on Unsplash

The struggle for Muslims living under non-Muslim states is real. It can be hard to find tasteful food that is also Halal. 

Fortunately, with the growing response to Muslims around the globe, Halal food is becoming more available. - Even in states that are not predominantly Muslim. 

So, if you're a resident or just visiting for a few weeks and would like to explore some Halal cuisine in Manchester, keep reading. 

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1. Manzil Buffet Restaurant & Banqueting

manzil buffet's fried food

Image Credit: Manzil Buffet Restaurant & Banqueting

Are you craving proper south Asian cuisine? Visit Manzil Buffet to satisfy your Pakistani/Indian cravings. Their menu consists of a variety of traditional foods. - With a range of meat, fish, poultry, and vegetarian options. 

Additionally, you can try any of their salads for the perfect side dish with your meals. Manzil Buffet is known for some of the most excellent buffets in Manchester

Remember to visit this place on an empty stomach, so you can fully satisfy your hunger. 



2. Vermilion 

If you’re feeling a little fancy and want that red carpet experience, why not try Vermillion? Located at Hulme Hall Lane Lord North Street, this place is THE place when it comes to ambiance. 

Customers rave about how this place can be a little heavy on the pocket but worth every penny. Vermillion offers sumptuous Thai and Indian food. What’s the best part? Why, it is all Halal, of course. 



3. Royal Nawaab Manchester

royal nawaab chicken karahi

Image Credit: Royal Nawaab Manchester

Royal Nawaab has a reputation for offering a dining experience that is unrivaled by any other. With one restaurant set in one of South Manchester's most famous buildings and the other just outside of Central London, this place is both a treat for your belly and your eyes. 

The restaurant offers Indian and Pakistani food options, which is great if you’re a homesick South-Asian living away from home! There is even a vegan option for people who prefer a more plant-based diet. On top of all this, Royal Nawab also offers wedding planning and catering services so you can be as happy as your tummy on your big day! 

This restaurant is a must-try if you have a big family with lots of kids as toddlers and babies eat free here. 



4. Al Jumeirah

For getting your Moroccan fix, visit Al Jumeirah. Located at 430 - 432 Wilmslow Road Manchester, this place offers a wide variety of mouth-watering Moroccan dishes. The food is prepared fresh, and the meat is perfection. Even the drinks are always cold and refreshing to wash all that food down. 

Al Jumeirah is also the perfect place to bring your family to. The whole restaurant is kid-friendly and baby chairs are easily available. The customer's favorite dish is the Mutton Seekh Kebabs, they are a must-try. 

Do try this place if you wish to have sumptuous Moroccan food in Manchester



5. MyLahore

my lahore cafe choices of food

Image Credit: MyLahore on Instagram

Looking for tasty desi food that is both easy on the pocket and finger-licking good? Then MyLahore should be on your list. This restaurant offers delicious Indian, Pakistani, and British fusion food. 

If you’re with friends are you want a samosa but your friend wants shepherd's pie, it’s no problem when you’re in Lahore! You can order anything from their huge menu. No matter if you’re feeling like desi or want some English food.

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